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Michael Gross, Providing solutions to all your real estate needs! (Dividend America Commercial Lending) Mortgage and Lending



Michael Gross
Providing solutions to all your real estate needs!
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Get to Know Michael Gross

Michael Gross is an expert in real estate. He has over 25 years of experience as a Realtor, builder, appraiser, lender, speaker, writer and consultant. He has been a consultant to Fortune 500 companies; including Land America, Chase and Countrywide. He has been invited to speak on the subject of ethics in real estate at real estate conventions in the southeast.

"In these tough times people need experienced, creative professionals. I think I'm one of those professionals. I've stood the test of time in the industry and helped my clients come out on top every time!"

Michael has been interviewed on radio and TV for his expert opinion on the real estate crisis and was featured on FOX cable news. If you need a commercial or business loan ... even if you've been turned down by a bank ... and are looking for someone who has the experience and knowledge to handle any real estate or business financing need, give Michael a call. 404-549-6756 (office)  404-819-4511 (cell) mgross@dividendamerica.com


Through Michael's affiliated companies, Dividend America Commercial Lending, Entrust Realty and DHR Contracting, he is able to assist investors in the sorcing, negotiation, financing, acquisition and stabilization of both residential and commercial properties.  His signature product, EZRE is a unique full service strategy that allows individuals to invest in real estate leveraging his vast knowledge and risk mitigating processes to profit through real estate investing without having to be heavily involved in the 'dirtier' aspects of the business.

EnTrust Realty, for which Michael is the Designated Broker, assists clients in sorcing, negotion and acquisition of quality residential investment and small commercial investment proeprties.  With the ability to flip or property manage for long-term cash flow, EnTrust uses proprietary processes that help their clients achieve and maintain high values and consistent cash flow.

DHR Contracting is a full service, discount provider of handyman and construction services.  As a fully licensed, woman owned business, the firm works closely with its clients to remodel, upgrade and maintain core residential and commercial real estate properties helping clients to create and maintain longterm value and achieve higher capital gains.

Dividend America is a trusted source for commercial lending. The company is unique in that it provides customers with direct access to funding in many verticals through many unique funding channels. The company acts as an origination, processing and pre-underwriting platform for both traditionaland and non-traditional funding entities like hedge funds, equity providers, high net worth family offices, investment banks and REITs.

In choosing to work with Michael, clients get more than just a real estate expert, The get a solutions driven network of companies and an indvidual with a broad spectrum of experience, knowledge and connections to get the job done. With Michael Gross by your side you get 'expert advice and exceptional service!'


DACL is an origination, processing and preunderwriting platform. With our channel funders we bring diverse structured lending solutions to our customers. We provide lending solutions, not just loans!