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Get to Know Dionne Lowe

The one reason, and most important reason to work with me and G.K. we know real estate. When buying or selling a home it's all about the numbers. The numbers are vital in a the real estate transaction. You want to go in the transaction  ahead, you don't want to have to wait for the property to appreciate, you want your investment to make sense day one.

That's one reason why you see so many properties in today's market that just sit on the market forever. They did not go into the transaction with the numbers in their favor. When you go into the transaction with the numbers in your favor it hard to lose in any market. Prior to becoming REALTORS G.K. and I invested in residential and commercial properties back in Michigan since 1992.

Since becoming licensed REALTORS we take tons of continuing education classes to best serve you and your family real estate needs. These classes has consist of the Flying Tigers Real Estate Mastery Program, Women With Money To Lend Program, The GA Dream Program, How to do a "Short Sale", how to Buy and Sale a REO property, and several HUD Home classes just to name a few.

The reason we spend so many hours educating ourselves is for YOU.   Clients the more we know the better we serve you. The market is forever changing, your professional REALTOR needs to stay in touch with the trends. That's why when you are thinking about your first or next real estate transaction, think about the Pair who cares enough about their clients to continue their real estate education time and time again!


My name is Dionne Lowe, my husband & team member G.K. LOWE have invested in residential & commercial real estate since 1992. By investing in residential and commercial properties for over 16 years. It has allowed G.K. and I to gain the knowledge and experience needed to pursue the selling side of the real estate business.

 Having a PAIR of sale consultants with a successful real estate investing background, helps you the home seller and you the home buyer with the ease knowing your REALTORS are not only sale consultants, they are FULL TIME professional REALTORS that actually KNOWS REAL ESTATE!

Hiring G.K. and I would not only be a great INVESTMENT, it will also be pleasurable! When you consider hiring your next REALTOR consider the PAIR that KNOWS REAL ESTATE, not just selling real estate!


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