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I alway heard that your reputation is only as good as your last sale!   Wow, was this right!  When I got my last comment form back from my last sale, it blew my mind.  Now mind you, being a realtor, does not automatically allow us the disctinction of " BEING THE BEST REALTOR EVER", no, by most standards, we set ourself apart by serving one family, at a time, and this is as it should be. But my survey was totally unbelievable as I read what my "More than satisfied" customers wrote.

This last deal was a SHORT SALE, HA HA HA, what a name, what a joke!  Most realtors would have laughed and ran the other way, but, me, knowing how dedicated I am to my buyers (and Sellers for that sake), I stick with the deal until we are CLOSED!  The Buyers were discouraged, the Sellers were, the listing agent was short on the fuse, but I just kept plugging along and keeping all the players in the fold happy!  Am I gald we did.  Why?  Our job in this business is to close the deal, not meet it half way, not make some of the people happy but not all, no, it is to make sure everyone is happy, and the deal is DONE!

Guess this is what being a Realtor means, as there are no contracts that say you work with somebody for 6 months and then collect the check!  We never know when or IF there will be a check, BUT that is our JOB.  

My Outlook on Keeping My Customers Happy is Simple, I only will work with what my Comfort Level Allows, and if that level becomes thin, I will pass them over to someone who has the same values as I do, and this is an important thing to remember, as your customers will not mind, if it is someone who has the same ideals, knowledge, etc.  It is important to remember that service is #1, and when your name is linked to that, then that is what has to be first! 

So keep reading those comment cards you send out, and see how you rate in your buyers, or sellers' eyes, and if there is room for you to improve your service to your customers......without them remember, you are inventing the wheel over and over! 

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A Realtor since 1981, I specialize where I live S. Pasadena (on an island in Harbourside), a great gated waterfront community loaded w/amenities, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Be an islander!