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Get to Know David Crisp

I have been helping people buy and build homes since 1995.  I care about my clients and I make sure they are in the best possible loan program for there situation.  When deciding on a home loan I look at the needs of the client such as:

How long will they live in the home. Will there be any major financial changes in the future (kid's collage, home improvements or additions, starting a new business or buying additional properties).  How much Money do they want to spend on the purchase.

I believe it is vital to find out what type of needs a client has and then offer them financing options that best suits there situation.  Because of this commitment to my clients and the very wide variety of loan programs I am able to be one of the best sources for home loans in Michigan.


First Time Home Buyers 

I have been helping first time home buyers achieve the owning dream for many years.  I am always searching and finding the best zero down loans with the best possible rates and fee's.  I also hold educational seminars teaching people how to buy there first home.

Investors / Rental Property

I have extensive experience helping real estate investors purchase and refinance rental properties.  The rules are always changing for investor loans and I am always studying new and existing loan programs to insure I am able to act as a consultant as well as a lender for my investor clients.  I work with people that own 1 to 80 rental properties thought out south east Michigan.

Log and Modular Construction

Since 1998 I have been helping people build there dream homes.  Building and financing a log home is a very unique project.  Most lenders won't touch them and the ones who say they will are sometimes unaware of the intricacies that in a log home project.  I found that I had a knack for these types of projects and have found the best lenders in the country for log homes.  Because I was set up to do log home I found that I could finance modular for much less then most lenders were offering.  I have gained a reputation in these markets as being one of the fairest priced lenders who offers some of the best terms and service.  I am committed to walking my clients through the process to ensure there complete comfort with he construction financing process.

Cookie Cutter Loans

I call the cookie cutter loans because these are the easiest mortgages for use to process and close.  We work with a dozen lenders in the country to ensure that no one beats our fees and rate.  If you are looking to buy, build or refinance I highly recommend you get a quote from me.  It will help you guaranty that you are receiving the best rate and terms that you are entitled too.