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The Peak One Homes Team is a new development for myself and Matthew Cheek.  I hope you will join me in welcoming Matt to the team and acknowledge him as our first and only Buyer Specialist.  Matt comes to the team with an extensive history of sales as a Buyer Specialist.  He has been in the real estate business for five years and shown his ability to provide top notch service by raising his annual and average sales each of those five years.  If you are interested in Buyer Agency then please do not hesitate to call Matt Cheek at 970-418-5762 or email him at Matt@peakonehomes.com.

The tendancy to play on a buyer or seller's emotions is a tempting strategy, and I think the savvy real estate investor sees through this.  Rather, we focus on past market performance, return on investment, rental market potential, and the economic environment of a target property.  

My background is property management, and I know how an HOA is supposed to be run.  I can look at a HOA budget and give you an accurate representation of the financial health of a building.  I will walk a property with you and tell when I see "red flag" issues.  I know most of the property management companies in my local area, and can confidently recommend a block of managers that have the best reputations.  In resort real estate investments numbers are everything, and I know how to get the best bang for your buck.

We work very hard for our clients and customers.  Our average individual work week is 50 hours, 6 days per week.  A realtor that spends 40 hours per week playing and 10 hours per week working, is missing opportunities for their clients.  It would be hard for me to look my clients in the eyes and tell them I was doing all I can to sell their home if I wasn't able to corroborate the story with my broker.  The point is, we will be here when you call.  We will call you when opportunities arise.


My specialty is marketing, listing, and creating mutually beneficial deals for my Sellers and the Buyers. 

At this time Sellers are the majority of my clients.  Due to the agressive marketing and online presence of the Peak One Homes Team I have confidence that the Sellers who list with me are going to receive the best exposure to the Buyers currently in the market.

If I only work with Sellers then why would I be looking for a mutually beneficial deal for Buyers and Sellers?  Despite the seller only stance that I am creating for myself, the fact remains that a win/win scenario will always stand out as the most beneficial outcome to any closing. 

I know the value of hard work, and I put in the hours to prove it.  If you are interested in making sure that you or your clients will be well taken care of, please take a moment to call me.  I would be happy to tell you exactly why the Peak One Homes Team is the best choice for your next Summit County real estate transaction.


The value of a Realtor is measured by the ability to negotiate a win/win for Buyer and Seller, then execute with precision and diligence beyond the closing. Let me put my skills to work for you.