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Classroom sizes are kept small up to 8 students for maximum learning and personalized training. Reference manual and lots of handouts provided during the course. Coaching support is offered after the course to keep the momentum going!



Hands-On breaking down a room in a Real Client's Home and then building it back up! 


Students get 'real hands-on practice' of selecting rental inventory for a vacant property because we teach in the design studio of this warehouse!


PRES Graduates celebrating the launch of my book Start & Run a Home Staging Business. They are the BEST!



My Mission Statement is to educate, inspire and empower 1000s of entrepreneurial women around the world, through speaking engagements, writing, training and mentoring.I love what I am doing and I love to see PRES graduates creating careers for themselves that are part time or full time. It takes a resourceful woman to be able to start a new business and to be successful at it. Two of the most important criteria that are needed to be successful in this business are:   1. Business Knowledge of Starting and Growing your Home Staging & Redesign Business   2. Decorating/redesign/staging skills to create the best home transformations for living or selling* a passion for seeing what difference a home transformation can make whether doing it for someone living in their home  or selling i.e. natural ability to create beauty through interior decorating, interior redesign, and/or  home staging* perseverance and persistence - the attitude that you will 'do whatever it takes to get the job done' and of course you need to have some balance in your life as well or you can become resentful of all the hours you need to put in* ability to be 'open' to new ways of looking at things and the ability to change something if it is not working for you * stay knowledgeable about what is going on in this industry - read, research, join staging groups, participate in trade shows, keep connecting through networking, social networking, etc.* become an expert in this field by learning and doing - get yourself noticed out there* have fun - keep your life balanced* and remember the Universe wants you to succeed and to define success inyour own terms - this is your life!

Dana Smithers Interviewed by Fanny Kiefer Shaw TV

Dana Smithers author of Start & Run a Home Staging Business is being interviewed by Fanny Kiefer


One of my dreams as a home staging & redesign teacher has been to reach 1000s of women around the world. I'm on my way to accomplishing that goal with my newest certificate & designation course: PRES (professional real estate stager) home staging & redesign home study program. This new program launched in September 2011and I have taken my decade of doing home staging and teaching home staging & redesign and put together a comprehensive package in the form of 7 complete lessons. The product can be downloaded or purchased in the form of a workbook, transcripts, exercises, audio recordings and over 400 power point slides teaching you 'as if' you were in the classroom with me!

All of the programs have been created and written by me, and along with high-content high-value teachings, I bring in real life examples and share my 'challenges aka mistakes' and my successes with you. Because I am on a spiritual journey I share some Law of Attraction insights and teachings with you to assist you with your journey. Your success is exactly that - YOUR SUCCESS and that means many things to many people. You're the boss and you decide what success looks like to you. 

If you like to study at home at your own pace then this is a great oopportunity for you to learn the business of home staging. The home study course is comprised of transcripts for you to listen to whenever you want (MP3 format), power point slides as if you were in the classroom, workbook, bonus handouts and so much more. Check it out PRES Home Staging & Redesign Home Study Course.






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