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If you are a homeowner and facing foreclosure, our law firm can help. We stop foreclosures and help homeowners stay in their homes. We focus our practice on foreclosure law, with the emphasis on coming up with the right solution for your home. While most of the time, this means helping you keep your home, typically through a chapter 13 repayment plan, sometimes the best solution for a homeowner means helping you walk away from a mortgage that is underwater.

Ultimately our law firm's goal is to provide you with the best possible outcome, which could include one or more of the following solutions for the associated legal and real estate problems:

- Stopping foreclosure to keep your home permanently. This is typically a good option if you have had a temporary drop or loss of income. Cases such as illness, accident, job loss, or a combination of these can cause a mortgage to become significantly delinquent. By doing yourself a favor and filing a chapter 13 bk, you could be allowing yourself the time you need to get your payments caught up. With the option of doing a three, four, or five year bankruptcy in some cases, you could be back on your feet over time so that you do not have to come up with thousands of dollars just to stop the foreclosure sale.

- Stopping foreclosure to buy time to allow you to move on. This goal is typically accomplished via Ch. 7 bankruptcy filing with your home mortgage payments being put on hold for a period of time, and the automatic stay in place to keep you from being foreclosed and forced out of your home too quickly. Through a chapter 7 case, you are provided with time, but also with the freedom of not having a mortgage payment. After your bankruptcy is complete, the automatic stay will have lifted and the lender may proceed with foreclosure again, but in the mean time you will not have had to make payments, thus presumably and hopefully having been able to save up some cash to move out. Additionally, the chapter 7 will clear your other unsecured debt at the same time. 

Ultimately, a bankruptcy filing will also help with the following:

- Stopping creditor harassment

- Eliminating debt such as credit cards

- Getting freed up from medical debts

- Stopping lawsuits from second mortgages

- Stopping credit card lawsuits

- Stopping lawsuit judgments

- Eliminating liens from property which are a result of judgments from unsecured debts

- Unfreezing bank accounts which were frozen as a result of a judgment from an unsecured debt

You may receive a free foreclosure consultation by simply calling us at 214-617-2500. You may also email us or set up an appointment in our office. We are friendly and easy to talk to about these kinds of issues. And while people often tell us that we must hear sob stories all the time, the truth is, each story is unique and we are saddened often by the things we hear, but we want to understand your situation so that we can best provide you with a solution. So call today!