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Get to Know Stacie Cunningham

I was born and raised in Southern California. I married my soul mate ( Dennis ) right out of high school. We had a rough start due to the fact that he was in the military getting his degree and I was going to school to become a Paramedic and working full time as a EMT.  We were only married 2 years when I had a brain aneurysm and came very close to not making it.  A couple months after I got out of the Hospital, Dennis wanted to buy me a home.  We were very intimidated about the whole process. The Realtor that we went with was referred to us by a family member. He was very friendly  but he didn't really explain the process to us. The uncertainty  made us very uncomfortable.  I knew I could do a better job and I would be of great service to future clients. I was then determined to get my license so I could help people. Things from there just fell into place. I sold my first home my first week of having my license!! I sold my second home 3 days later. I really enjoy what I do and enjoy meeting new people. I treat all my client's like family because in a sense they are.   They welcome  me into their lives and into their homes.I am a true believer in "If it is meant to be it will happen."  I don't think there is one client that I haven't said  that to! It's the truth. My husband and I have almost been married 11 years and we recently had two little boys back to back. Dominic is my oldest and I know that little boy is going to be a Realtor someday. Donovan is my little one but he is not so little. At birth he was 10 lbs. 3 oz.!!  It took us 7 years but when it was meant to be it happened and then it happened again!!

I am Totally committed to provide whatever it takes to help you through the buying/selling process, to keep you well informed, and to make sure you have the right answers to the many questions that arise before, during and after the transaction. 

I don't classify myself as a buyers agent or sellers agent, I AM A REALTOR! I help buyers and sellers alike. I list homes all over Orange County. I help buyers find their dream homes in South Orange County. I have a full market plan that is very innovative which has given me a great track record that is hard to beat. Most homes are sitting on the market for 4 months where my listings have been seeing offers in less than 60 days. Let me show you how I "SELL" homes not just "LIST" them! 

I love helping buyers find their dream homes!  My job as a buyers agent in a trasaction is to negotiate the best possible price and help them to make an educated decision on buying the perfect home that meets their needs and wants. I hold their hand thru the process so they do ever feel like I did when I bought my first home. I enjoy what I do. It's extremely fun to me!! Everyday is different and I am lucky to do something I love doing!!


My team and I service all of Orange County, CA. We fill a vital roll between asset managers, banks, & the public as valued REO agents. For results call me direct.