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                       Not all credit repair companies are the same

CRE's remarkably successful restoration program is developed and directly overseen by a former member of Experian's elite Consumer Affairs Unit and this extensive knowledge and experience concerning credit is unmatched in the industry. CRE is insured and bonded to protect you and every client you refer, and we are registered with the Secretary of State which is required by Law. However, the most important reason to use CRE…we get results which means significantly improving your clients credit scores to obtain a mortgage. Our process to Audit the Bureaus, Collection Agencies and Creditors by enforcing a number Federal Laws is quick and effective! So, whether you need 20 quick points or 120 points, we can help.

The best part is at CRE we actually consult with your clients during the restoration process, educating them, and helping them establish the necessary lines of credit if needed. This will accomplish two things: 1) we can raise their scores higher, and 2) we can raise their scores faster.

We are averaging 50% deletion within the first 30-45 days and 75% deletion within 6 months. Many customers are completed before 6 months, and some qualifying for mortgages within the first 30-45 days 

1.      CRE Credit Services is the ONLY Credit Restoration Company developed and directly overseen by a former member of Experian’s Consumer Affairs Unit.  That experience and expertise alone gives us the advantage that no other company can offer. With that experience, we draft personalized letters in the form of audits to the credit bureaus, creditors, collections agencies, AND court reporting agencies that are tailored to the client’s specific situation and get maximum results as quick as possible.

2.   CRE Credit Services offers the Best Customer Satisfaction Guarantee in the Credit Repair Industry.


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All Credit Repair Companies Are NOT The Same…

Here’s how CRE is different:

Experience: CRE Credit Services is co-owned and operated by James Charlet, a former member of Experian’s Prestigious Consumer Affairs Special Services Department responsible for protecting Experian’s interests in any of the various legal problems they encounter concerning Credit Disputes. This includes FTC (Federal Trade Commission) inquiries, Federal Lawsuits, Congressional Requests, Better Business Bureau Investigations, and Attorney General Reviews. This unique experience has transcended into his ability to develop and produce the unmatchable results you have been looking for and deserve.

Education: We understand that having good credit is essential to obtain your Dream Home, an Automobile or achieving Financial Stability. As a standard part of our program we’ll educate you and help you understand what it takes to maximize your credit scores. We will share with you successful strategies to maintain great credit scores long after you have completed our program. Your credit is your #1 Asset and we are committed to your success.

Support: We develop direct relationships with our clients and individually consult with them throughout the entire program. As a client you’ll also receive periodic updates from our Customer Service Department. Whether your goal is to purchase a home, a new car or just want to enjoy the benefits of having great credit we stay in constant contact with you to make sure you are on track for your goals.

Protection: We’re so confident of our ability to get excellent results and have a high level of client satisfaction that we offer a Money Back Guarantee… and a Lifetime Guarantee on the results you obtain in our program. We are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission, registered with the Secretary of State and Fully Bonded for your protection as well. Our credentials, expertise and guarantee allow you to feel secure with your credit restoration investment and provide you the confidence you have made the right decision.


It all starts with a Free Consultation to determine what options you have to restore your credit and get your scores in the 600s-700’s. Please contact me today to take the first step to Financial Stability!



Credit repair for people that cannot qualify for a mortgage. We are getting faster and better results than other companies.