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Hello, my name is Christina Miranda and I would like to introduce you to the latest in video communication technologies, which everyone worldwide is beginning to use. My goal is to provide tools that allow you to better share your messages for business and personal communication. In today's Real Estate Market Realtors need to change the way they communicate with their buyers and sellers as well as change their online marketing strategies in order to stand out from the competition.

The Florida Realtor Magazine featured this article about using Video for Realtors. The article says, "According to video streaming firm, Real Networks, visitors stay at Web sites that use video 78% longer than those that lack this element." 

Click the link below to read the article:http://www.floridarealtors.org/FLRealtorMagazine/2008/May/0508AmericaSmartVideos.cfm

Online Real Estate Video Technologies are injecting much more realism into the way today's Professionals communicate and share listings with clients for increased sales and to cut marketing costs dramatically.

"VM Direct and its Hello World Studio" has finally put Video Email and Video Streaming within the reach of Small Businesses everywhere". All at the click of a mouse. This Revolutionary Technology has been featured in the Florida Realtor Magazine and Agent Direct News. Click the links below to read the articles: Florida Realtor Magazine: http://www.floridarealtors.org/FLRealtorMagazine/2007/July/0707TechYou.cfm Agent Direct News: http://newsletters.vmdirect.com/admin/VM_inTheNews/Top_Eight_in.pdf   It is a proven fact that Multi-Sensory Messaging, such as graphic rich Video Emails, Live Web Broadcasting and Video Instant Messaging, offers a cost-effective solution for any Realtor showing or selling Real Estate. Imagine the power of going to a listing presentation, and show your clients how you will use cutting edge Video Technology to promote their listing: Promote their listing with each and every Video Email you send to your clients with website banners, virtual tours, or better yet a Video commercial and website banners all on one page. All Video Emails are surrounded by 3 fully customizable banners, that can be linked to any Web-Site, URL-Link, Virtual Tour, Video Commercial, Pictures, Real Estate Newsletters or Documents. The Video Email allows you to send a personalized Video message two to four minutes long which is plenty of time to communicate and express your thoughts versus typing a conventional message,.......which creates that "WOW" Factor ! It is a fact that people remember : 10 % of what they read, 20 % of what they hear, 30 % of what they see, and 50 % of what they see and hear. Believe me, anyone that receives a Video Email from me will remember me, since most people have never seen anything like it. One of the biggest problems that many business owners experience is that they are good salesmen when they are dealing directly with their customers. They can use their personality to gain the trust of their prospect. Today this fact puts them at a great disadvantage since the marketing campaigns that small businesses can afford usually involve direct mail, email or websites...all forms of written communication. For most people, it's really difficult to let their personality show through in the written word.That has been the situation...until now! VM Direct has launched its revolutionary new digital content management system. The Hello World Studio allows businesses to use streaming media technology to create Video Emails to send to clients with just the click of a few buttons so that no technical knowledge is necessary. Now you can use all of your presentation skills to make that sale.The best part of all...no downloads are required for the recipient's to view their video email. Everything is handled on the company's servers. Now you can have a face-to-face chat with your clients...in an email...no more telephone tag. The system lets you respond to even a plain text email with a video message. Imagine what effect this can have on you marketing strategy... Create customers bonds like you have never seen before, as your clients actually get to see and hear you.  After 2-3 Video Emailsyour clients feel like they "know" you. Marketing yourself has never been so easy !    Click the picture to see how a Realtor uses Video Email You also have the ability to show your listings via a Live Web Broadcast to anywhere in the world. Just think about out-of-State Buyers!  "Escort" your potential buyers around the home, the yard, the neighbors homes ! How about broadcasting an Open House LIVE ! Potential Buyers can ask the Agent or Sellers questions via text and you can respond immediately LIVE via Video. For even more exposure, post your virtual tours, Video Commercials, Real Estate News on the Servers established online TV Channel. All  Web Broadcasts can be archived for later viewing, Power-Pointe and polling capabilities, public, private and even pay-per-view, which is great for promoting your services and listings, training, recruiting and much more. Easily create Podcasts or Video Blogs (text and video) of your listings or your Real Estate Newsletters, with RSS Feed for automatic and immediate delivery to your clients of any new additions to your Blogs. These RSS feeds allow users to receive syndicated content, such as Real Estate News, your listings, virtual tours, pictures etc., from various sources directly in an RSS reader, without having to visit the sites that originated the content. Store and Share your pictures, videos, music files or documents in a secure, password-protected Media Vault, that can be accessed from any computer anywhere in the world. No need to ever worry about loosing your digital Assets due to a computer crash. You have the ability to Video Chat with 5 people simultaneously. Hold  a Video Conference with the lender, closing agent and the client online, it saves time, eliminates miscommunications since everybody can see and talk to each other at the same time. This revolutionary Video Technology is not only affordable but also very easy-to-use. Send a Video Email, create a Video Blog, host a Live Web Broadcast with 2-3 clicks of the mouse. The simplicity of this 100 % web-based Video Technology is that there is no software to be installed and all of the Video content resides on secure servers, so you don't consume space on your computers hard drive nor do you have to worry about viruses. A simple webcam connected to your PC or laptop with high speed internet or wireless card and you are ready to go. Dramatically Increase Sales, cut Marketing Costs, shorten Sales Cycles and gain massive and global Exposure using this innovative Video Technology Selling a home using traditional advertising is very costly. Cut newsletter production and direct mail cost, eliminate virtual tours, create your own Video Commercial with a regular Video Camcorder or Digital Camera with Video capabilities. Simply upload the Video into the Media Vault, the systems automatically formats your Video properly and generates Embed Codes or URL-Links. For more details on Retail Accounts, please click the picture below:     Please contact me for your complimentary business consultation. Make it a great day, Christina     



With growing inventories and a rapid changing market I realized I had to change my marketing efforts in order to differentiate myself from the competition - Online Video Technology is the Solution !