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Get to Know Christy Harvey

First I'd like to give you a big "Hey, Y'all!" We're from the South, right? It's funny how people assume things about Southerners. The truth is in Jacksonville, Orange Park, Middleburg, Saint Augustine, and Green Cove Springs, you will find that there are many people from many different backgrounds and from all over the world! I love it! My cousin from Virginia Beach visited here once expecting to be greeted by Swamps and Alligators walking the road. Go figure?

I was born in Pensacola, Florida to a Military Family which makes me a NAVY BRAT. GO NAVY! To some, the word "brat" may be insulting, but to a Military Brat..i.e. the child of a Military Service Member, it's not an insult, it's a compliment and an honor! My father is a retired Navy Chief. I remember having to move a lot, but it's life in a Military Family! You move because you must, but what's fun is going to your new location and finding that some of the people that you knew at your last location ended up in your new location. That's how I came to Orange Park, Florida! I grew up in Orange Park and purchased a home in this very town. I have one daughter who is a teenager who is attending the same high school that I attended, Orange Park High School. I even remember the fight song, "We are the Raiders from Orange Park High. Fighting for Victory. Hold our Banner High. We belong to Orange Park, so let's all try, to keep our good name and honor high!" Corny, but true! I'd be willing to sing it to you when asked!

If I weren't a Realtor, I'd be a singer, because I love to sing! I actually was on the "Gimme the Mike Show" several years ago and tied for 2nd place in the show that I was on. You don't win anything for second place, but for being a novice, it wasn't too shabby. I have sung at many weddings, so I'll be glad to sing for your housewarming! I sing in my church choir regularly. My church life is a huge part of my life. I have fun there! I worship there! I would probably live there if they'd let me! www.celebration.org

 I LOOOOOOOOOVE NOUNS. Remember when your teacher taught you that a noun was "People, places, and things?" Well, that's me. I just like being around people, seeing things, learning things, and just everything that life has to offer! I embrace different cultures and what they bring to the world! When I learn things, it's all about nouns which includes YOU!

My hobby is going to the different "Springs" there are in Florida. Tubing is always a fun summer event! Jaguar games are where I usually am in the fall on a Sunday. Anybody LOVE a bargain? I love 'em! I'm always looking for them through yard sales, antique stores, thrift stores, craigslist, and the Bargain Channel! Being frugal is somewhat of an addiction. I love to find my homeowners the BEST house for their money! Need money for financing? Oh yeah, connect with Christy at www.connectwithchristy.com

Drop me a line sometime...just to give me a "Hey y'all!", Florida style!


First Time Home Buyers

Think you can't buy a home? Bad Credit? Think again! Why rent when you can own? Heard it all before, but too scared to try? I will walk through it with you step by step to Homeownership! Sick of people telling you to come back when it's better and not telling you how to fix it? Um...talk to someone who has been through it...bad credit and all...and still got financed.

Second Time Home Buyers upgrading

Got a raise? Family outgrowing the house? Just want something new? Let me show you the houses in the next range. Easy financing solutions!

Pre-Foreclosure Sales

Got stuck with an adjustable rate mortgage that now is so high that you can't afford it? It didn't just happen to you. Let's get your home sold, so that you can at least avoid losing your investment!

Everyone is welcome with me. I enjoy working with families, military, single people, single parents, singers, closeted singers, and people who are people...they're the luckiest people in the world.

I digress! Come see CHRISTY for your Real Estate needs or if you just want someone to sing to ya!


Don't buy in Orange Park, Middleburg or Jacksonville, without talking to me first! First time homebuyer wanting to get the most bang for your buck? Connect with Christy, TODAY!