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Sharon Ehlmann, Author

In her book, 'someone forgot to mention, Change is HARD', author Sharon Ehlmann speaks of serves as a 'Guardian Angel'.  Guiding the reader through the changes happening today. 

So who is Sharon Ehlmann, this ‘Guardian Angel'? 

Sharon was the youngest child in an entrepreneurial family.  Growing up, her sisters and her had newspaper routes and worked in their family owned photography studio and lab. Graduating with honors from Southern Illinois University in Architectural Technology, she won four design and technical awards from the American Institute of Architect/Southern Illinois Chapter in 1984. As an adult, she combined her architectural degree with business ethics and fine arts lessons from her father.  Ms. Ehlmann accumulated more than 25 years business experience encompassing business development, real estate development, planning, architecture, and construction. Her forte in the business world was working with her a deep bench of colleagues providing clear communications and proper coordination; important components to control risk and expenses for any project. But underneath his whole resume is her real strength unmeasured until now: The Mindset of Purposeful Leader. 

She prides herself in her unapologetic laymen approach in recognizing the positive in ALL people and encourages others to do the same. She unafraid to take on the hottest issues in the country and swim against the tide of media influences. While media and others attack risk-takers, Sharon praises them. She not only deal directly with current issues with a positive how-to remedy approach but teaches big topics in a fundamental way, then motivates, inspires, and provides hands-on follow-up mentoring.


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Dear Entrepreneur:


Tired of ads touting how to make big money with somebody else's business model?  Need an expert to get your project moving or unstuck?  Not sure what to do next? Are you in a financial emergency frozen in fear?  Maybe I can help, it's my forte! 


The economic downturn has given me pause and on a quest to help my community in an effort to make more fellow leaders; whether it's helping experienced business leaders through the struggle, showing wanna-be leaders how to get started or encouraging those who don't want to lead to become our cheerleaders.  YES, IT'S GOING TO TAKE ALL US - HELPING EACH OTHER.  See my websites for my experience www.ehlmanndev.com and www.changeishardbooks.com .  I am available for individual one-on-one phone consultation: $35.00 per quarter hour (15min).  I am not an attorney or a CPA, my goal is to serve as a non-binding professional opinion - ‘Guardian Angel'.  You still need your CPA and attorney but I see their place.  Certified Public Accountants are trained to look backwards at historical performance- I will focus on looking FORWARD.  Attorneys many times tell you every reason NOT to move forward - I will look at ways HOW to move forward, then you can decide.  Hiring business advice by the minute makes it affordable; who knows maybe you're choosing your future board member.  The first 5 minute introduction is at no charge; we will not move forward without written approval.  We will do our best to schedule quickly for emergency consultations.  I will sign non-disclosure non-compete agreements, as required.


Don't have that kind of money or still not sure?  Well I just finished writing a book, which I recommend for the prep work anyways; titled, someone forgot to mention, Change is HARD; subtitled, ‘Facing Fear and Change from a Mind of an Entrepreneur.'.  It's available at www.changeishardbooks.com *for $15.95.  The book teaches broad concepts of 'having more faith than fear' and 'how to become a visionary' to nuts and bolts topics like 'bootstrap financing', and everything in between; discovering it all with child-like fearlessness.


*Or Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/someone-forgot-mention-Change-HARD/dp/0982528515/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1260041523&sr=8-1


Sharon Ehlmann

Managing member, Author, Publisher

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