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About Carol  

With a background in the corporate brick and mortar world, I was a writer and a marketing professional long before I came to the virtual one.  Though I am fairly versatile in what I can offer clients, I particularly enjoy copywriting. Like most writers, I don’t always love every aspect of the process, but as as a virtual copywriter, I like the challenge of presenting information in an interesting way.

What’s the big deal about copy writing?

When you look at a website,  sales page,  report, or even an email, what makes you want to spend time reading it? How it looks or what it says? For a short, more informal  piece such as an  email, you might just want the information. Almost any other piece of writing pulls you in with three elements:

The Design: If the page looks interesting and presents information in manner that is logical or easy to navigate, you will look at that even before you search for what you want. Pleasing colors, interesting graphics, white space, small chunks of information broken up by subheads – all these techniques are appealing to the senses and correspond to the way your mind processes information. Though color might not play a major role in many types of business documents, the other things mentioned are essential to an effectively formatted – and good looking document.

The Content: You came to the site to learn something, to check something, to buy something,You want the information to be clear and accurate, so that you feel the site is “authoritative .” You want the pros and cons, the features and the benefits. Good research shows!

The Writing Style: If you are reading a blog or an article, you are often familiar with the facts, bur you want something fresh. You may want to consider new insights or different perspectives.  If the writing style is interesting, you may seek out other things the author has done, even if your point of view differs. Good copywriting includes compelling design, content, and writing style – all tailored to the job you need. Writing great copy though is only part of what most clients need.  I have a versatile background for many type of projects you might need. Though I have a flair for creative business writing, I am also a competent administrator with excellent computer and research skills and a passion for virtual marketing.

My Background:

Versatile copywriter who has written articles, blogs, ebooks/free reports, website content, reports, newsletters, and more. Over 15 years experience in desktop publishing, blogging, corporate communications, and market research. Strong communication and interpersonal skills, as well as great analytical skills. Experience in real estate blogging, website content, and listing marketing. Work at home and brick-and-mortar experience. Also proficient in database design, graphic layout, presentation graphics, and technical writing. Demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Office, graphics software, and website packages. Familiar with WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hootsuite, SEO.

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