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Chrysti Benner
location_on Nashville, TN
Get to Know Chrysti Benner

Chrysti is a nurse, a recovering perfectionist and a former chronically busy woman.  Since becoming a mom to three kids in four years, she has searched for ways to simplify life and reduce overwhelm.

She loves to cook and bake, and enjoys helping other moms discover their best way to meal plan and find ways to get food on the table quickly and easily. 

She is a big fan of easy pressure cooker recipes and loves helping others get started with their Instant Pot.

Chrysti and her husband paid off over $130,000 of debt through a combination of strategy and hard work.  She is passionate about encouraging others to get on track financially and achieve their goals.

At Margin Making Mom, she helps women ease the chaos of motherhood by offering tips for budgeting and becoming debt free, tools and recipes for simplifying mealtime, and suggestions that help moms take better care of themselves.

Chrysti lives in Nashville, TN with her husband, three kids, and kitty.