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Carlos Calle
Sales Manager
location_on Jacksonville Beach, FL — Cool Realty LLC
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As Investment Advisors our alliances are our greatest asset to you in this fast changing real estate market. Providing unlimited and innovative real estate solutions creating a variety of platforms and exit strategies to maximize your return on investment. Asset analysis and opinion of value Property operations analysis.  Specific asset buy-sell strategy Market analysis Portfolio exit strategies.


Learn the inside information from real estate sources in other markets that those in your local market may not normally want to share.

Thanks to the power of the internet, real estate investors are able to do deals anywhere, making networking nationwide crucial.

The most viable investment available that involves possible tax incentives is still real estate. There is seldom reason to fear a downturn, the return can be substantial, and property that is purchased right and properly cared for will almost always appreciate in value .


Real estate can be purchased in many forms , including: shopping centers, industrial buildings, warehouse net leases, apartments, single family residential housing, and even raw land. The investment can be direct, or through various kinds of partnerships and investment trusts.  Our network are experienced Agents throughout the USA,  Carribean, South & Central America and Europe.

Shelly Jerome
Carlos is the hardest working Realtor in the business. He is driven, creative, and exceeds goals consistently.
Carlos Navedo
Carlos is a mover and a shaker when it comes to conducting business as a master networker and community service integrator. He has the rare ability to get many diverse groups to work together as one to accomplish goals to serve the community
Andre Sabbagh International Markets Consultant
I have known Carlos for over 5 years and have found he is resourceful and very helpful. He is also very well connected and I have had several instances in which he has shown very high integrity. Feel comfortable doing business with Carlos!

Licensed Realtor in Florida since 1992. Specializing in Real Estate Investments and Portfolios. Networking to South & Central America, Europe, and Carribean. Experience is the Difference.