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My ultimate goal is to work diligently to make the FHA and VA Condo Approval processes as simple and straightforward as possible.

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ReadySetLoan is an industry collaborative effort whose current focus is to educate condominium associations about the value of FHA and VA Condominium Project Approvals and assist them in obtaining the approval.

Since the beginning of 2010  ReadySetLoan has helped hundreds of condominium projects nationally to gain or maintain their FHA or VA approvals with a 100% success rate.

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If there were any certifications available for condominium project approvals, Eric would be sure to have them!  He has attended FHA’s round table sessions, trainings, Industry phone calls, webinars and has spent HOURS on the phone with representatives from FHA and the VA.

There are currently no certifications in this field so he created his own: “FHA/VA Condo Approval Specialist”.

The services that he provides are extremely valuable in that the FHA and VA approval processes can be overwhelming for Associations and management companies.  In fact, a project reviewer at FHA's Philadelphia Homeownership Center remarked that knowledgeable consultants such as Eric are becoming more valuable as FHA's guidelines have become tighter and more complex. 

Eric's ultimate goal is to work diligently to make the process simple and straightforward thereby relieving much of the anxiety surrounding this process.  His methods for gathering documentation and information from Homeowner's Associations and management companies greatly reduce the amount of time and energy required by each to complete the process.

As an example, a property manager recently expressed her gratitude for making the process so easy for her.  Please read the recommendations below from happy clients, property managers, mortgage brokers and real estate professionals.

Testimonials for ReadySetLoan Condo Approval Team

  • Jim Banno, Property Manager, Imagineers, LLC

    GREAT job Eric! I would be both honest and sincere in saying that your working knowledge of this matter coupled with your tenacious effort was instrumental in getting the community successfully approved by the FHA.

  • Sharri K, Property Manager, Imagineers, Hartford, CT

    I have worked with Eric Boucher (ReadySetLoan Condo Team) for approximately five years. Finding Eric, and now Adelaide Diaz who has joined his team, has been like an enormous burden has been lifted off of my shoulders.

    As a Senior Property Manager in the Condominium business for over 28 years, I have seen a lot of changes in this business in the past several years and one of the most stressful changes had (yes, had) been the FHA challenges put upon us as Common Interest Community Managers.

    My first few attempts at getting my communities through the process were nothing short of completely frustrating and totally disillusioning. We had hired a company TO DO the work of processing the communities through the system to get us approved and here I was, doing ALL of the work while managing 12 communities. Who has that kind of time? As I'd never done this before, I had no idea what this would entail, but I certainly didn't expect to be running to town halls, Secretary of the State's office, making copies of Plat Maps, taking photos, etc., etc., etc. With every submission came a rejection letter and another laundry list of items still needed or what I may have submitted incorrectly. The list goes on and on. It was discouraging and overwhelmingly time­ consuming.

    Enter Eric Boucher. Easy Street. Eric does all the legwork. He provides a list of what
    he needs from the Management Company and it's everything we should have on hand. If it's not, HE will get it! Imagine that?? It's a completely seamless process in Eric and Addie's world. They are quick, efficient and helpful. And very pleasant to work with.

    I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Eric's company for FHA Recertification. I have not used the services of anyone else since finding ReadySetLoan Condo Team and do not plan to go elsewhere again.

    I would be happy to chat with anyone considering hiring his firm or answer any questions that you might have about him, his company or the process.

  • Douglas Manion; Attorney at Kahan, Kerensky & Capossela, LLP

    A client of mine was the President of a Condominium Association which needed to quickly obtain FHA approval for the condominium complex. I referred her to Eric and he responded immediately and in a very short period of time was able to obtain FHA approval for the condominium complex. My client sent me an e-mail telling me how extremely happy she was with the job Eric did on behalf of the condominium complex. I would gladly refer Eric to anyone in need of his professional services

  • Jacob Derring, Accent Management Services

    I am writing this letter to let ReadySetLoan Condo Team, LLC, know how pleased I
    was with Eric Boucher. Eric is a very polite, enthusiastic, dedicated employee and it was a pleasure to work with him.
    Mr. Boucher worked diligently and had past all expectations of the job. Eric was
    able to get Pleasant Valley Condominium Association FHA approved. This was
    not an easy task; however, Eric was exceptional and followed through with his job.
    Eric has wonderful work presence and is well spoken and polite. Mr. Boucher is
    very well versed in his job and it was a pleasure to work with him. It is not often
    you come across a person like this, so I felt a strong need to notify ReadySetLoan about their exceptional employee, Mr. Eric Boucher. Thank you for providing excellent Customer Service.

  • Jeannette, Property Manager Metro View Condominiums

    Our condo association recently was recertified with FHA. Eric's assistance through this process was a perfect example of excellent customer service. He delivered as promised, always responding quickly to our questions and requests, all the while keeping us informed as to what to expect from the process. Our association during this project made my job as the Condo Manager sooo easy! I would recommend his services to any association for results and ease of process for a reasonable price.

  • Sheila, Property Manager, Imagineers

    I recently had the opportunity to work with Eric Boucher and Adelaida Diaz of ReadySetLoan Condo Team to help obtain FHA approval for a condominium association that I manage, and I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent service that they provided.

    Both Eric and Adelaida were extremely efficient in putting together all the information that was required and the application was submitted to FHA promptly for review. Throughout the review process, I was kept up to date on any questions regarding the application. Once FHA approval was obtained, I was promptly notified of the approval and the expiration date. I was surprised that it took less than two weeks from the time the application was submitted for review to receive the approval.

    The experience and expertise ReadySetLoan Condo Team displayed throughout this project resulted in a truly enjoyable experience for everyone involved, as well as a successful end result and a very pleased Board of Directors for the Association.

  • Tatyana Makarov, Coldwell Banker

    I have a condo for sale in Manchester. Unfortunately this complex wasn't FHA approved. Eric Boucher approved it in just couple of weeks! I am impressed!!! I would recommend Ready Set Loan to anybody. I would recommend him to everybody.

  • Peter Gilmore; The Hamlet of Enfield

    I am the current President of The Hamlet of Enfield and for the past two years our condominium site has been able to sell condominiums on a regular basis because we are FHA approved. I am sure many of you are skeptical and blame FHA loans for some of the foreclosures since the real estate crisis affected all of our complexes. The new FHA loan process is very difficult for buyers and benefits condominium associations so I would encourage all Presidents to reevaluate allowing FHA buyers in your complex if you decide against it in my opinion you would be doing a disservice to your association. Eric Boucher is a expert in this field and interacts with HUD on a regular basis. I found Eric to be honest and he knows how to get an approval which is extremely difficult and time consuming but Eric deals with it all and made me look very smart for giving him the opportunity. I strongly recommend Eric Boucher to all condominium associations that are attempting to become FHA approved his knowledge of the process and honesty with his clients are as good as it gets.

  • Tina McNulty, Strawberry Woods Condominiums

    Though I serve as the Treasurer of a small, self-managed condominium complex, I have no financial experience or background. With this in mind, seeking FHA approval for our complex seemed like a vitally important, but unfortunately impossible undertaking. That is, until I connected with Eric. He led our board through the process step by step and ensured we provided every piece of documentation required. He explained all the financial materials needed and helped me prepare what we currently did not have. I'm sure Eric typically deals with professionals that have much more financial experience than I do. He had a vast amount of patience and never hesitated to answer all of my many questions. He went above and beyond - explaining what we needed to do to establish an appropriate reserve, assisting in preparation of a balance sheet, and helping us explain details of existing litigation and loans. When a small challenge presented itself near the end of the process, Eric was persistent - following through and making all the calls needed. The last thing to be said is the positive result … the complex is now FHA approved thanks to Eric’s expertise and hard work

  • Kit Crowne, Right Trac Financial Group

    As a mortgage broker, I frequently work with borrowers who are purchasing or
    refinancing condominiums. When these borrowers learn that their preferred financing is
    imperiled by the fact that the condominium association is not approved by HUD/FHA,
    Eric is my secret weapon.

    Eric brings unparalleled expertise and knowledge of the HUD/FHA condominium project
    approval requirements. He is able to quickly map-out the action steps and provide both
    a speedy and affordable plan for obtaining an approval. On countless occasions, his
    services have resulted in a successful outcome for my clients and for the condo
    association as a whole.

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