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Amy Lopez
Clarksville Property Solutions Founder
location_on Clarksville, TN — Clarksville Property Solutions LLC
Get to Know Amy Lopez

Clarksville Property Solutions LLC, of Clarksville, TN, is a private for-profit Real Estate Investing Company. Founded in 2005 by Amy E. Biggs-Lopez to acquire, rehab, and lease residential and commercial real estate. Amy initially started the company with the goal of providing affordable and quality rental housing in the Clarksville, TN area. We are not Realtors but invest in real estate as private investors.

As the company grew, Amy understood that many of our tenants, while wanting to own their own home, had economic, employment or credit problems, which kept them from qualifying for a traditional mortgage loan. Because she quickly recognized the huge pent-up demand, she expanded the rental business to include creating affordable, single-family housing throughout Clarksville, TN.

Clarksville Property Solutions LLC’s under Amy's direction was to develop creative techniques such as a Lease/Purchase Agreement, which allows a client to make an initial option deposit and subsequent annual deposits while leasing and occupying the home. That way, our clients make progress toward home ownership because, while the option deposits are non-refundable, their full amount is credited toward the sale price of the home, which is set when the agreement is signed.

What We Do at Clarksville Property Solutions, LLC.


Fair Housing Act, Landlord and Tenant Law in Tennessee, Reasonable Modification and Reasonable Accomodation Und ther Fair Housing Act, Service Animals and Assistance under the Fair Housing Act, ADA and § 504 of the Rehabilitation Acto of 1973, VAWA, and the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act


Joann Garcia
I have been in the homes that Amy fixes and sells. The quality of work is great and she is easy to work with as a seller. I enjoy showing her homes to potential buyers.
Jo Smith
I have worked with Amy over the last 4 years on numerous rehab and spec home projects she has completed. She is a hard worker and a loyal customer. She is of the mind set that if you are doing things right, she will continue to call you for every job. If you are looking for a remodeled home and have not looked at one of Amy's houses, then you are missing an opportunity to view a quality home.
Daniel Harvey
Amy is a honest hard working re-habber of residential real estate. She also owns and manages apartments. I trust her and have always had great results on projects we’ve done together. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a good person to work with.

Since 2005 I have bought and sold dozens of properties. I look for win-win situations, where the seller, I, and the future homeowner can all win. I am not a Realtor, but a Private Real Estate Investor