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The Real Estate Road Hi my name is Don Hammons. I started investing in real estate about 13 years ago. I grew up in Albuquerque New Mexico, and bought my first property for $105,900. I had to rent out the extra rooms in the house just to cover my mortgage. Much has changed since then. I currently live in Bellingham Washington and work as a real estate agent for Keller Williams Reality I absolutely love real estate! I love finding good deals not only for myself but for others. I won’t lie to you; I recently chose to become a real estate agent full-time for two reasons. The first reason was to provide for my family (well, at least the family that is yet to come), and the second reason was because I realized that real estate is the one thing I have a passion for. Previous to working for Keller Williams I worked for Logos Bible Software, T-Mobile, and the U.S. Marines. I have lived in Denver, Colorado; Vista, California; Maui, Hawaii; and now Bellingham, Washington. The Pacific Northwest is by far my favorite area! Ok, so maybe I lied a little bit in the beginning. My real passion is for kiteboarding (ask my wife – she’ll tell you all about it). If you don’t know what kiteboarding is just visit Let me just say this, kiteboarding is the best hobby in the world! If you are looking for something that will give you a challenge as well as become very addicting, then you might consider taking up kiteboarding. Just imagine boosting 30-40 ft. into the air, looking over the horizon and then drifting back down to the water just to catch another gust of wind to do it all over again . It’s a rush like you have never experienced before! In addition to kiteboarding I try to spend time at the gym, play guitar, drink good coffee, watch movies with my wife and eat grilled steak as often as my wife lets me (she worries about my arteries getting clogged. I say “just live in the moment”!). I also like a good glass of red wine (ok it doesn’t have to be that good – I will drink 2 buck Chuck) and a really good glass of micro brew beer – and that does have to be good! If you catch me reading it will usually be The Bible. The Word of God feeds my soul and all I do in my life. I attend Grace Church Bellingham, and really enjoy the family my wife and I have found there. Currently I own three rental properties. I have a 3 bedroom, a 5 bedroom and a 6 bedroom house and I’m looking to buy more. Ok, I won’t buy any more unless my wife gives me the green light (and her green light is a house on the water). It is my desire that this blog will encourage, educate, and entertain you with ideas that are geared towards owning real estate or being an investor in real estate. If you are a renter looking to buy your first property or looking to purchase multiple properties that will produce income, I hope you will find many helpful hints in my blog “The Real Estate Road”

Agent Profile: My name is Don Hammons. I am a new agent for Keller Williams located in Bellingham Washington. Previous to working for Keller Williams I worked for Logos Bible Software, T-Mobile, an