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I started in this industry 17 years ago getting people out of foreclosure and distressed situations. This has taught me the most important thing for being succesful in a service related business, how to problem solve. I now use this skill in every aspect of my life. Not only does my ability to solve problems/issues create for seemless transactions between buyers and sellers and everyone in between, but it creates a "stress-free evironment" allowing people to actually enjoy being a part of the situation of present.

I pride myself in always striving to provide extrordinary customer service. In this I found communication to be an element that is very important to ephasize. My clients will receive email or a phone call on the smallest of details. Not to the point of annoyance, but to the point of being well informed of whats happening in what could be the biggest event of their life.

If you visit My Blog, I will feature Golf courses and Golf course communites throughout Washington.


I'm well versed in buying and selling distressed properties, Bank Repos, and pre-foreclosures. I know how to find, value and negotiate these sometimes difficult but rewarding situations. I'm also very familiar with golf couse homes. I specialize in King county properties as well. I know practically every neighborhood in the county. Some more than others. However, I have been involved in buying/selling as far south as Vancouver and as far north as Arlington/Smokey Point. 

I am very knowledgeable on Lake front properties and also fluent in commercail/investment properties as well.

I certainly look forward to serving you.


I work hard so I can play hard. I've been in this industry for 15 years because it supports my love of people and gives me the ability to do the things I'm passionate about with the people I love.