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Barbara Reynolds
Buyers Agent, Listing Agent, Luxury Homes, Invest
location_on Berkeley, CA — McGuire Real Estate
Get to Know Barbara Reynolds

So here's the low down.  Barbara Reynolds has been a top producing agent in the near East Bay for 13 years and counting.  She recently joined the Elmwood office of McGuire, from a Prudential California, where for the past 10 years, she has been the Top Producer in her office of over 70 agents, and in the top 2% of Prudential nationally.   In her travels, she has sold more than 300 homes in the near East Bay neighborhoods:  Berkeley to Oakland, Alameda to Piedmont, El Cerrito to Kensington.  

In a previous life, Barbara was a copywriter and creative director for advertising, having worked at Hal Riney&Partners, Chiat/Day, and a host of others in San Francisco, New York and LA, and was actually one of the original team who launched the Saturn car. And somewhere along that 15 year road, she must have  picked up some things about how to "package" and market houses and Buyers.

 Her listings in Berkeley/Oakland/Alameda and environs typically sell well above the average agent's listings.  Luck?  Perhaps.  But maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with the way she markets, which is a little different than the rest of the corral. 

 And for Buyers?  Well, in the same way she packages houses, she prepares Buyers.  So they can be successful in the competitive East Bay real estate market ... whether it's a multiple offer situation or negotiating the bottom line price.

Of course, real estate isn't all she does.  She rides bikes, travels, putters in the garden, and loves to cook for her friends.  She's also on the Board of Trustees for her college, Beloit College in Wisconsin. 

 Her philosophy of real estate negotiation could best be distilled to what her father always told her and in the words of Teddy Roosevelt, "  Walk softly, but carry a big stick."   




Maria Studer
After my brother passed away, my family and I had to start the process of selling his two properties. We had to find a reliable real estate agent. We scoured the internet and interviewed some area realtors. When we decided on Barbara, we did not realize yet that we had hit the grand prize. Barbara far exceeded our expectations. She is an outstanding listing agent with a personable, amiable personality. She gave us excellent advice without ever pressuring us. Throughout the marketing processes, she preformed her many tasks in a most professional, efficient manner. If you ever need a listing agent for your property, you could not go wrong by asking Barbara to be your agent.
The Perez Family
Barbara is a quietly dignified, elegant, business-savvy, dynamic personality. She's a kitten with her clients but a tiger with the deals. No wonder she wins 90 percent of her offers! As first time home buyers, she gently held our hands showing us homes, assisting and advising us of home loans, and made the time to be present at the title signing. She made our dreams of homeownership come true in SIX QUICK WEEKS with our first and only bid! She's absolutely amazing and was just as happy for us as we were when she handed us the keys to our new home
Bruce Taylor
I had my house listed for 6 months, with 3 other agents, including "neighborhood specialists" ... and they couldn't sell it. I listed it with Barbara, she suggested a couple things, and it sold, over asking, within 2 weeks, with multiple offers.
Mike Bannen
I so appreciated Barbara's professionalism and expertise. Not just in real estate, but in relationships, psychology, economics, and ridiculously absurd situations. Her grace, incredible active communication skills, foresight, compassion, and strategic and tactical vision are outstanding assets that she applies to getting the most for her clients, no matter how difficult or complex any given situation may be. Further, she proactively remains graceful and professional no matter how poorly those around her act, or how ugly the situation gets. I cannot adequately thank her for all that she brings to the table, but I will try.
Mary and Ben Murray
Barbara helped us buy the property six years ago, and helped us sell it this year. There was lots of uncertainty about the financial markets. But she far exceeded our expectations in her professionalism, her expertise, her business savvy, her excellent communications, her marketing skills, her rich network of services, and her plain ability to succeed in getting us a good result. Her advice about renovations, marketing and staging, and her management of all those activities was priceless.
Katherine and Daytra Hansel
It has truly been a pleasure having Barbara Reynolds as our real estate agent. Her professionalism, extraordinary level of service and thorough knowledge of real estate and marketing have served us extremely well. What could have been a very daunting process turned out to be effortless and very profitable because of Barbara’s creativity in marketing, staging and expertise in negotiations. Barbara’s honesty and sincerity was very reassuring. We always knew she had our best interest in mind. Barbara is without a doubt, the ideal real estate agent.
Megan Rush
She worked with me, making suggestions on how I could get a better sale price. She didn't scare me off. We made the decisions together. I knew if anyone could sell it for more, she could. And she did, a good deal more.
Nancy McGraw
I tried to sell my house myself for a few months. When it didn't sell, I chose Barbara. Having been exposed to a lot of different agents in my travels, I’d seen her sell houses other agents couldn't. So I knew she would sell my house. And low and behold, within 2 weeks we had multiple offers, both over asking. And in her own quiet way, she kept the Buyer and the other agent in line so I didn't have to worry about it at all. She's an Agent's Agent.
Eddie and Alexis Kleinhans
You think all agents are the same, but they're definitely not. We spent 2 years going to Open Houses every Sunday. And after 10 unsuccessful offers, we met Barbara. She listened to us, and got us to focus our search so it wasn't a wild goose chase. She was frank and straight-forward, didn't push us into anything and even told us not to buy a couple houses. After 2 months with Barbara, we finally have a house we love. And it was even a great deal. We still can't believe it.
Andrea VanderPluym
Barbara is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable agent, and she truly cares about her client's needs and concerns. That gave us a lot of confidence in trying to buy a home in this challenging market. When it came down to putting in an offer, Barbara was meticulous, her team of inspectors was reliable, and Barbara was a savvy negotiator. She even helped my husband feel more at ease by talking him through all the financial aspects of the market/loans and the home we wanted. We wanted a deal ... and we got it -- thanks to Barbara.
Kathleen Colloton
My daughter and I wanted to buy a duplex together. We fell in love with one, and so did at least five others. Barbara coached us on what to do in our offer. Unfortunately, we could only go so high. As it turned out, we were the lowest offer. And I don't know how she did it, but we got it! There is no doubt we would not have gotten it without her. We now have a shrine to her in our hallway.
J and L Smith
The sale of our property wasn’t a mere sale. Our four-unit property was 100% family occupied and had been a part of our legacy for over 54 years. Had it not been for Barbara’s temperament and extraordinary patience, I don’t believe the property could have been sold in such a timely manner ... and for over the asking price! Not only were we pleased with the outcome, but so were the other family occupants. The amount we got over asking allowed the entire family to benefit from the sale and softened the transition of having to relocate. We will be forever grateful for Barbara’s assistance in relieving our family of the financial burden of maintaining this property.

A top producing agent with McGuire Real Estate in Berkeley,Oakland,Alameda. Has helped over 300 buyers and sellers sell and purchase homes. Number 1 producer in her office for over 10 years.