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Steve Avrus
AVRUS | Bank Says No! We Say Yes!
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Mortgage loans are complex and their rules are changing all the time. Comparing possible loans from a wide array of options, and seeing which one is the best one for your particular situation, is a fulltime job.

That’s why you need Avrus. We manage lenders’ collections of mortgage loan options and can find the best matches for you, loans for which you can qualify and which will fit your income, needs, and specific situation.

In addition to working with first-time and beyond home-buyers in Georgia and southern Florida, we also focus on some areas that other specialists often neglect:


·        FHA home loans (with a down payment of 3.5% of the sales price and low closing costs and no cash-reserve requirement);


·        VA home loans (while the VA does not issue home loans in Georgia or Florida, it does guarantee them);


·         Mortgages for self-employed (a trickier qualification route that we can smooth out for you).


At Avrus Financial and Mortgage, we want to put you together with the mortgage that’s the best possible match for you, that will save you money, that will meet your specialized, specific needs, and that will be the most likely to give you the property you desire.

From our first handshake to the end of your closing, we have your interests at heart. We’re not a bank, so we have no reason to steer you one way or another in looking for the best mortgage for you. Our only goal is for you to get what you need. So why not give us a call today?

by tyrone1976 in Boca Raton, FL
I love Avrus Mortgage. they took good care of my dying mother in getting a reverse mortgage before she was diagnosed with cancer, we needed the money fast to find treatment for her. The personal service was about taking the time to educate us as the details were advanced so we could understand what we were getting into. We closed quickly and found the treatment. This was a loan that made super changes to our world, and that was what we needed.

A mortgage lender licensed in the State of Florida and Georgia since 1982. AVRUS is a privately owned & funded family business with Steve Avrus as owner and primary broker. Steve has 37yrs experience.