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Adam Todd
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I’m a real estate broker in Miami and last year I built 35 lead generating IDX websites for myself in the Miami area, each one focused on a specific location. Yes, got a bit carried away there, and now I have massive extra capacity for generating internet leads that I’m not utilizing. 

So I built LeadTrader PRO, a pay-as-you-go platform where other agents and brokers in Miami can buy exclusive leads that are generated on my network of lead generating IDX websites. 

It’s a stress-free way for you to buy good quality, cheap real estate leads on demand. When you place an order to buy, for instance, 20 leads for Miami Beach, you become a featured agent on my Miami Beach website until you have received 20 leads. 

To celebrate the launch of LeadTrader PRO I’d like to give you $500 to try it out:


Unlike every other lead gen company, you don’t have to sign any long term contracts with me to start buying leads and you don’t need to commit to spending thousands of dollars before you have received your first lead. 

Just deposit money into your LeadTrader PRO account and use that balance to order whatever leads you want, whenever you want them. And right now, if you create an account and deposit $500, I’ll deposit another $500 into your account, giving you $1,000 to spend on buying leads. Click on this link below to get your free $500:


Lead prices are displayed openly on the website, www.leadtraderpro.com/locations, and you’ll notice that my prices are a lot lower than all the other lead generation companies out there. 

Getting traffic to the websites is piss easy, all I do is advertise each site on Google to people who are searching for real estate in that location. High quality search traffic can literally be turned on and off like a faucet so I adjust the traffic accordingly to make sure your orders for leads get filled quickly. You could order hundreds of leads every month for many different areas and the system would have no problem supplying that demand. 

If you’re a broker or a team leader who could use a shitload of leads then give me a call because we can easily have something running in no time flat. We’d get all your agents to create an account and then either you could put money into their accounts to buy leads with or they could deposit their own money, or you could match whatever they deposit, whatever you prefer.

Or if you’re a regular agent who just wants to buy 20 or 30 leads for yourself whenever you’re flush with cash, this is also the perfect system for you. This is a stress-free way of buying cheap real estate leads on demand. You can buy 1 lead or 100 leads, whenever you want, it’s up to you. 

Get started today and get $500 for free to spend on leads:


Call or email with any questions, I'll be happy to help.

Adam Todd


Real estate leads on demand. Buy the number of leads you want, whenever you want them. No long term contracts or commitments.