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I am a full time note buyer. I own Inc, which is a nationwide buyer of non performing notes on residential and commercial properties for our own portfolio.

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I grew up in South Texas in a small town called Ingleside.  I was the first of my dad's 10 kids to complete and graduate with a degree in business from Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos Texas in 2001.  After college, I worked for companies ranging from Enterprise Rent a Car, Verizon, Fed Ex, and Palm Harbor Homes finally finding my niche in the finance industry with Citibank (2 years) and Chase Banks (2 years).  After working in the banking industry, I started investing in real estate part time and made the full time jump when I helped create Ariel Capital (a mortgage company focused on Investors) and working with SMI Funding (a real estate investment education and note buying company).  The two principles, Bob Leonetti and Jayme Kahla, were kind enough to mentor me personally and I started buying real estate in the Austin area.  After a short stint (6 months) of successful deals, I was recruited by Bob and Jayme to start teaching other investors how to get started.  After investing and training other investors for two years, I created Inverse Investments, LLC, my own real estate investment firm. 

While along with investing and training others, I am also a public speaker and member of several real estate investment firms and I have been quoted in publications from Investers Business Daily and the Wall Street Journal


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