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I believe that real estate is a key investment strategy when building a diversified investment portfolio.  I recognize however, that property management responsibilities can be a burden that overshadow the benefits.  My firm specializes in passive investment opportunities in high quality, professionally managed commercial real estate in markets and assets nationwide.  Utilizing 18 years of experience as a builder and real estate investor, I am able to evaluate opportunities and deliver solutions that fit the the personal and financial goals of my clients.

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Chris Brown


I specialize in 1031 exchange replacement property solutions using Tenant in Common (TIC) programs.  My goal is to turn a stressful, sometime complicated transaction into a seamless process that reflects your desired goals.  I utilize TICs to help my clients defer capital gains and diversify their portfolios and leave them with time to enjoy the fruits of their labor instead of dealing with Toilets, Tenants and Trash. 

TIC ownership provides individuals with a percentage ownership in a professionally managed commercial real estate asset.  As title and deed owner, individuals are entitled to receive a proportionate share of income, tax benefits and overall growth.  I've worked in the TIC industry since its inception in 2002, which came as a result of IRS Revenue Procedure 2002-22.  In this time, I've developed deep rooted relationships with the premier providers of TIC properties so that when my clients are looking for replacement property, I can provide them with a variety of alternatives.

I am also a believer that everyone should include real estate in their portfolio.  With that in mind, I've sought out a variety investment alternatives that allow individuals to passively participate in high quality commercial property.  With experience as a builder and investor myself, I am able to evaluate the merits of various programs to identify the best opportunities.

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I help individuals add professionally managed commercial real estate to a diversified portfolio. TICs, DSTs, Real Estate Funds and REITs are my specialty. Cash Flow, Tax Benefits and Growth!