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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Jett Arcy, Houses For Sale Thornlands
Due to a large number of facilities and employment opportunities in Australia, people are moving to Australia. Moreover, people want to settle in Australia with their families, but finding it difficult to select their homes for sale. If you are one of them and need an experienced real estate agent in Australia, then visit Soho Property Pte Ltd. For more information about houses for sale in Thorlands, visit the website.
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Planning Rockport Vacation fishing can be an ultimate bonding experience. Or if you are going to marry, it can be a great bachelor party daytime activity, just a spontaneous weekend trip, or family vacation. Get a group of friends out on the water with some rods and tackle brings you closer.A fishing trip can be a story to be told for a lifetime; unfortunately, a terrible fishing trip can be just as memorable. With the great outdoors, the unpredictability of weather, an uneven bite, there is a lot to plan to make sure you have fun. Here is the surefire way to plan a fishing trip, have a look: Pick the right spot Find the right body of water is a very crucial part. If you are camping, make sure there is a nearby campground accessible for everyone you are bringing. If required, look up ba...
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By Kyle Scott, Home & Termite Inspector Serving San Antonio
(Ensure Home Inspections)
Getting ready to sell your San Antonio Home? Want to ensure the smoothest transaction possible? Take these steps to make the buyer's home inspector a happy camper. Doing these things may prevent the home inspector from having to make a return visit on the seller's dime! If you're a homeowner and have a home inspection scheduled in the near future, we've compiled a list of things that may really help speed up the process and give you a better, more accurate report. In addition, a lot of the items listed can also be indicative of the condition of the home to a potential buyer. Utilities Turned ONMake sure the water, electricity, and gas are turned on. A home inspector can't effectively inspect some systems or components without these utilities. If any of these are turned off at time of in...
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By Claire Hudson
Money problems are a possible way to lose your real estate license. Failing to pay, borrowing clients' money, using the money for unintended purposes, and combining personal accounts with those meant for work are some examples of many mistakes that can cause a person to lose their license. Many people will trust a licensee in handling their funds. It is important that the licensee is trustworthy and responsible with their money to avoid disciplinary actions and ruining an agent's reputation. 
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By Connie Nowell, Creative Real Estate Buying and Selling Specialist
(SWFL Homes LLC)
So, I've sold all of my listings in SW Florida!  Recently I've been working with buyers trying to help them find a home.   Oh, my!  This market has changed, and so quickly!  It was nice when I was selling my listings.  The buyers were fighting for the homes I had for sale.   Now, dealing with the other side of the transaction, helping buyers, is quite painful.  All those buyers who drug their feet and waited.  They've got to be kicking themselves!  Every home I see has multiple offers and seems to be over priced.   Housing is out of control!  How long this will last, who can say?  New construction is booming now.  I remember when nearly all the builders when bankrupt and closed their shops.  For nearly 10 years, very little construction happened in our area.  We're making up for it now....
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 5 Tips to Refresh Your Space Embrace natural light With warmer weather days comes more sunlight, so open these dividers and bask in the pure light. Rather than turning your own lighting in the morning, pull the drapes and let sunshine lighting the way. The easy action of opening your windows will help lift your mood, and you're going to save yourself a bit in your electrical bill also. Do not have windows? Fake it by utilizing big mirrors to reflect light and brighten up your space. Bonus: mirrors also offer the illusion of a larger space, which makes your home feel fuller, bigger and clearer.  Give your furniture a clean slate  Spring is the best time to split out your cooler and lighter clothing -- and this goes for furniture. A white, beige or light grey sofa is the best nesting pla...
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Everyone always tries to time the market to buy at the perfect time.  When we’re in a seller’s market and engaging in bidding wars, everyone looks back nostalgically to previous years and wish they had been in the market back then (even though no one wanted to buy then either!).  We are currently in a time that people are going to look back on as one of those ideal times to purchase.  Prices have fallen from their highs in 2017, on average about 5%, and interest rates are now at historic lows.  In December 2018, interest rates were at 4.625% and they are now at 3.5%. Pricing Trends in Downtown Jersey City*DOM = Days on MarketAs a result, purchasing power has increased significantly over the past year.  If you were looking for a property in 2018 and your price range was $730,000, you can...
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By Cristina Ortega, Arizona's Favorite Home Buyer 😊
(Mrs. Property Solutions )
The basics of how to sell your house fast don’t change whether you are selling in a buyer’s or seller’s market. The first few weeks of you selling your house is very crucial. Most buyers will be interested to check out your home during this time so make sure that it is ready to sell on day one. Here are 8 inexpensive tips to help you. Follow these and you will surely get an offer in no time.5 easy steps to sell your house fast 1. Decide if you are really ready to sell You will save a lot of time and effort if you don’t start the process of selling your house before you are even ready or decided. Here are some questions that you gotta ask yourself to know for sure:   Do I have enough to sell this house? If you owe more than your house is worth, it wouldn’t make any sense to sell. It migh...
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Any time you buy, sell, or re-finance a home, a Wood Destroying Insect Report is often a requirement. call us for a low cost inspection pest control
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As a realtor, you have likely set up your own site because who can deny the importance of having an online presence, right? But have you given the same kind of attention of real estate SEO?Without property website SEO, your site is as good as invisible – literally. And if your site is invisible, who on earth will see your property listings
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By Tony Murphy 303-513-8359, Serving Seller, Buyer & Investor Clients
(EXIT Realty DTC)
Meet Tony Murphy Realtor Your Local Small Acreage Property Specialist in Elizabeth Castle Rock Parker and Franktown!Hello, my name is Tony Murphy. I help clients sell their current house or find their next home in Castle Rock, Parker, Franktown, and my specialty, small acreage properties in Elizabeth where I live.  Clients refer me to help their friends and family in the metro Denver and Colorado Springs markets as well.  Call or text I am always happy to help! 303-513-8359I have been buying and selling real estate for years.  In 2011 I started finding, buying, and reselling properties for myself.  In 2017 I earned my real estate license to personally serve friends, family, and the public. I specialize in small acreage properties.  More than interest in real estate I enjoy helping peopl...
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By Chris Johnson
Have you ever stood in line for food at a restaurant that caters to "to-go" orders?  If you have, then maybe you have been annoyed in the same manner that I have.  Due to the recent unforeseen epidemic, businesses have scrambled to keep up with an increased demand for "to-go" orders.  As I stand in line these types of establishments, I notice that people are coming and going picking up their items they ordered online or via the company's app.  This is all fine and dandy for the prosperity of the business, however, its driving me crazy.  Time and again, the same thing has happened to me while in line.  Its become completely predictable.  As I move to the number one position in line, I notice the person taking  my order keeps their head down, seemingly purposely.  They start an order init...
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By Scotty Gifford, Openning Doors To New Beginnings
(The Gifford Group)
Life is a constant balancing act, and divorce is just another ball to juggle that you might not have seen coming. Staying focused on what is best for you and any children that may be involved. We're no benefit to our children if we are not in balance with ourselves. Divorce comes with huge decisions, and balancing those decisions with making, what we feel is the right choice for all involved. There is the home to contend with and any repairs it may need. We can help you understand what you should know before getting a divorce. Are we keeping the home or selling the home?  The economic consideration is big, and it may play a role with who can afford to keep the house.  Does one of you have to go back to work, or to go to work for the first time after raising a family? The separation of a...
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By Dawn Brinkman, Lake Lanier, Short-Term Rentals, 55+ Adult Living
(Homeside Marketing, LLC)
Do you have clients that are ready to make the move to a beautiful lake setting? Georgia is home to Lake Lanier, a 38,000 acre lake (59 square miles of water). Officially named Lake Sidney Lanier, it has 692 miles of shoreline at normal "full pool" water levels, which is 1,071 feet above mean sea level. Lake lanier spans several counties and cities. Much of it provides easy access to major highways and shopping. Shouldn't we all get back to dreaming, enjoying the fresh air, beautiful views, and get back to living?Having watched the lake home market for nearly 10 years, it is safe to say home values are up but they will continue to climb as the supply of lake property dwindles down. Lake Lanier property is a fantastic investment in Northeast Georgia. I have noticed that clients on the la...
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By Brian Hyde, Your ATX Realtor
Wow, I am having the first post jitters! 😬 Here it goes🙀My name is Brian Hyde 👋 and I am a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty-Lake Travis.  I work mostly in the beatiful Austin suburb of Lakeway and I would love the opportunity to help you with the sale or purchase of your home in Austin TX.  My main focus is residential real estate.  So if you are looking to buy/sell any residential real estate in Austin TX, please give me a call and I am happy to help in any way.If you are moving out of the Austin TX area, I can also help link you with an equally fantastic agent😄 in the area of the country you are moving to.  Choosing the right agent will make your transition smooth and worry free.  Buying and Selling homes can be a stressful process, especialy if you are a buyer in Austin TX.  I ass...
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By joe maharana, Real Estate Agent in Oakville, Canada
Buying properties in Oakville can be an overwhelming experience if you are a beginner. When it comes down to smart investing in real estate, one must do so much more than just making a down payment. It takes trade know-how, investing proficiency, initial capital, and a whole lot of patience to buy properties in Oakville.The real estate market in Canada is on a roll right now. Even after the aftermath of one of the deadliest pandemics, the Canadian real estate market is heating up. And it’s not only the urban centres that are experiencing this demand. Rural communities across the country are also creating a buzz in today’s economic scenes.A number of Canadians invest in real estate for long-term gains, e.g., buying luxury homes for sale in Oakville Ontario to rent them out and pay the mo...
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By Benjamin Burgoyne, Licensed agent and investor in Northern Virginia
(We Buy Houses, LLC)
Below is a checklist to consider when listing your home on the market with an agent!1. Decide on an agent and ask them questions! How long have you been an agent? Can you provide references or reviews? What is your commission? Are there any judgments against you? Is your license in good standing? Why should I choose you? There could be more questions that should be asked depending upon your situation. There is also the possibility that you can sell your house without the help of an agent. Studies have shown that homeowners receive more money on average when listing with an agent but every home sale is unique.2. Agree on a listing price!An appraisal may or may not be necessary but a competitive market analysis (CMA) should always be performed. If your real estate agent does not use CMAs ...
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By Jeffrey White, We Help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure
(We Buy Houses In Florida Fast)
Beware of Real Estate Wholesalers  What is a Real Estate Wholesaler?First, we should define what a real estate wholesaler is and what they do. A wholesaler tries to get lower cost residential properties under contract at an extremely discounted price. The contract always has a “assignment clause” that allows the wholesaler to assign the contract to someone else, usually an investor that will do a fix and flip transaction or fix the house and keep it in their rental portfolio. Essentially, a wholesaler acts like a market sourcing agent for real estate investors. 5 Steps in a Real Estate Wholesale Transaction The basic steps of a wholesale transaction include: The wholesale buyer submits an offer that has an “assignment clause” (usually a very discounted or low-ball offer) The seller acce...
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A few groups want to turn around homes for an addition. It could be a magnificent wellspring of additional money. Continue to peruse to discover some great suggestions which can permit you to discover fantastic properties and opposite them for acquire. In the event that you are buying a house to dwell in, you may get emotional about the space, yet there is no space for this in contributing. Survey on Kingsford Emerged As Normanton Park designer. Committing a foreordained measure of time to learn and making property investments. Therefore, you might want to slice various things to have the option to support your chances of bringing in a lot of cash. Stopping your bowling alliance, as an instance, possibly something that necessities to happen with the goal for you to be prosperous. Try no...
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Sky E Loans LLC,  Tampa Bay Agency is looking for viable commercial project's to fund nationwide.If you have a full executive summary for review we can start with a introduction meeting over 12 loan products to offer our clients their is not much area we cant cover.SBAFix and Flip/ Buy and HoldLandNew ConstructionWorking Capital Invoice FactoringAccounts ReceivablesEquipment Jumbo LoansHard MoneyBridge loansMCAand More!!!!If you have the Credit,Collateral,and the Cash Flow lets start working your project today.Affiliates earn 35% commissions on every deal closed HUGE INCOME POTENTIAL!!! a call today and email us your executive summary.
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