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This is without a doubt the best news to come out for "good mortgage guys" (due to the fact that most of the less than average "mortgage guys" still won't understand it) along with the public.  The basics behind the FHA Back To Work Program is incredible as it brings guidelines and underwriting c...
  If you’ve got 20% down just about every mortgage calculator online will work great.  You can find calculators with a simple Google search, any decent local mortgage company / bank and many Realtor websites too.  However... if you have less than 20% to put down I have yet to find an online mortg...
  I was reading a few blogs last night and saw some from some “mortgage guys” and I saw a few different titles that intrigued me.  If you’ve read any BLOGS on the difference between a LICENSED Mortgage Loan Originator and  REGISTERED Mortgage Loan Originator than you know that anyone who is writi...
The lending environment has changed. I'm sure we've all heard this on the radio and TV for years now... right? We also know that the Government wants to make "mortgage rates" a commodity and make it EASY to shop for. But the problem arises when someone calls up and says "whats your rate?" and tru...
We all have to remind buyers that they are responsible to pay the required down payment percentage (3.5% for FHA or 3-10% etc for Conventional) AND their closing costs/pre-paids too. Even if you stipulate that the sellers contribute towards “closing costs and pre-paids” in the purchase agreement...

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