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Home staging makes a big difference in your home selling outcome. Pictures say a thousand words, so come on in, and check us out. We're here for you, NH.
I couldn't help but notice the green choices in England & Ireland when I was on vacation there recently. Even while I was in the pubs (studying the architecture), the loud CR--ASH every time the bottle recycling was emptied would take me off my seat.  Some of their eco-friendly tactics are by cho...
I just returned home from a holiday in England and Ireland. Yes, I did relax, but I also checked out several pubs to see if they needed staging :)  While in London, I phoned a home staging company, Home Stagers, "the UK's friendly home staging people" to find out about the real estate market. St...
A home staging consultation occurs when a home seller receives professional instruction on how to stage their own home. The muscle and purchasing of accessories is left up to the homeowner.Cost: the range I have seen on the web is $150-400, with $250 seemingly average. In NH, I charge $250.Pros: ...
Who pays for home staging, the seller or the agent? Home sellers, you are going to benefit from the home staging, and should be the one to pay for the investment. You can't expect your agent to spend their portion of the commission on staging your home!It's true that some agents pay for staging c...
Fellow New Hampshire residents who live up in Coos County, there is a new blogging community. An associate of mine emailed me about this group in her area, and I thought perhaps some Coos County folks at Active Rain might like to network here. Check them out!   Coos Conversations This is a blog f...
   The following list shows common household items containing potentially hazardous ingredients that might be found in your garage, basement, or other storage space in your home. This information has been provided by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.                               The source o...
 You're moving...what do you do with the Household Hazardous Waste?                                   First, what is Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)? This link is from the US Environmental Protection Agency.  There are obvious ones such as paint,; but did you know moth balls and toilet cleaners a...
Home Stagers...I have tried Real Estate Shows in NH and they are helping my home staging business. Click on this link if you'd like some more background information on home staging and Real Estate shows. Are the words "real estate show" turning you off? Home stagers can advertise with RES. Are yo...
  I would like you to join me in welcoming to Active Rain...........                 BURBANK CONSTRUCTION of Providence, Rhode Island                       Burbank Construction in Providence, Rhode Island is passionately doing their part to create earth-friendly affordable housing. Check this out...
The smartest way to sell your home in New Hampshire:contact Staged First Impressions, a New Hampshire professional home staging & staged photography company have your home staged prior to listing it to increase appraised valuechoose a real estate agent you can trustkeep your home looking its bes...

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