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Trivia question answers for Sunday September 6, 20201. In what movie does Bruce Willis play a ghost? The Sixth Sense2. In Britain, what kind of meat comes in rashers? Bacon3. What is most likely to occur when your diaphragm goes into spasms? Hiccups4. President Nixon called what songstress an "Am...
Trivia questions for Saturday September 5, 20201. "Groundnut" is another name for what? The peanut2. Where did Chris Farley's SNL character Matt Foley live? In a van3. What animal provides a large portion of all the protein eaten in Peru? Guinea Pigs4. Name the largest landlocked country in Europ...
Trivia question answers for Friday September 4, 20201. Which US President later became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? William Howard Taft2. What was Ponce de Leon's first name? Juan3. "What hath God wrought" was the first message ever sent on what type of communication device? The telegraph4...
Trivia question answers for Thursday September 3, 20201. Who became "King of the Cowboys" when Gene Autry entered the army in WWII? Roy Rodgers2. Which symbol of peace surrounds the globe on the UN flag? Olive branch3. Of the 88 keys on a piano, how many are black? 364. Which side of the brain is...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday Deptember 2, 20201. What are scaup? Ducks2. From what language did English borrow the word "wok"? Catonese3. What TV show featured the fictional "The Fraternal Orfer of Loons" fraternity? Coach4. Who wore "yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to t...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday September 1, 20201. What year did the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre occur in Chicago? 19292. What was Tom Clancy's blockbuster first novel, published in 1984? The Hunt for Red October3. Approximately 7.5 million of what can be created from a cord of wood? Toot...
Trivia question answers for Monday August 31, 20201. What was Disney's first film to win an Academy Award?Flowers and Trees2. A "top-sider" is a type of what? Shoes3. What color diamond is produced if it contains traces of boron? Blue4. What is a group of toads called? KnotTrivia questions for Tu...
Trivia question answers for Sunday August 30, 20201. How many moons does Mars have? Two2. In medical terminology, the "voice box" is known as what? Larnyx3. Who were Bobbu Hatfield and Bill Medley? The Rifghteous Brothers4. What fruit comes in Hass and Florida variety? AvacadosTrivia questions fo...
Trivia question answers for Saturday August 29, 20201. What brightly colored monkey is the world's largest? The Mandrill2. What color is malachite? Green3. What is Falaka? Feet beating4. In what state was the transcontinental railroad completed in 1869, with the hammering of the Golden Spike?  Ut...
Trivia question answers for Friday August 28, 20201. The "Boss of the Plains" was a type of what? A hat2. In radio, what does AM stand for? Amplitude modulation3. What TV sitcom opens with the theme "Making Our Dreams Come True? Laverne & Shirley4. What is "Capis lupus familaris? Pet dogTrivia qu...

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