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Trivia question answers for Monday October 5, 20201. Socrates was sentenced to death by the forced ingestion of what type of deadly plant? Hemlock2. What distance did the Romans once define as a thousand paces? A mile3. Who is the red haired female in the "Scoopy-Doo" cartoon franchise? Daphne4. ...
Trivia question answers for Sunday October 4, 20201. George Costanza was a longtime employee of what sports franchise on Seinfeld? New York Yankees2. The poet Ogden Nash wrote "Candy is dandy, but liquor is" what? Quicker3. What faddish word comes from the Japanese for "single number"? Sudoku4. A...
Trivia question answers for Saturday October 3, 20201. Joe Cool is an alter ego of which comice strip character? Snoopy2. Which fruit comes in Redchief and Earliglow variety? Strawberries3. What kind of oil, a product of the flax plant, is used to make most oil paints? Linseed4. Who is the drug m...
Trivia question answers for Friday October 2, 20201. What country provides the setting for "The King and I"? Siam (Thailand)2. What is the Latin word for poison? Virus3. Who designed the famous collection of buildings in Oak Park, Illinois? Frank Lloyd Wright4. Which is the only Portugese speakin...
Trivia question answers for Thursday October 1, 20201. How many carats is pure gold? 242. How many total combined red and back numbers are there on a roulette wheel? 363. Which cowboy musical artist first recorded the song, Here Comes Santa Claus? Gene Autry4. What items of equipment are made by ...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday September 30, 20201. How many millileters is a teaspoon? 5mL2. What brand of melty cheese was first introduced to the mass market in 1928? Velveeta3. What is measured in Bequerels? Radioactivity4. What is both a type of bed and a layer of the rainforest? Cano...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday September 29, 20201. What name is given to the vast, treeless plains of South America? Pampas2. What acid gives citrus fruits their distinctive sharp flavor? Citric3. What word for mud bricks comes to us from the ancient Egyptian word "dbt"? Adobe4. The average...
Trivia questions for Monday September 28, 20201. A group of rhinos is called a what? A crash2. How fast, on average, do adult fingernails grow? 3 millimeters per month3. What expression is used to describe a child who closely resembles a parent? Chip off the old block4. Which mega city's name tra...
Trivia question answers for Sunday September 27, 20201. At most, how many Friday the 13th canĀ  there be in the same calendar year? Three2. What was World War I known as before World War II? The Great War3. The country of Grenada is also known as what? Island of Spice4. What science deals with the...
Trivia question answers for Saturday September 26, 20201. What is the medical term for earwax? Cerumen2. What was Cinderella's real name? Ella3. Which Disney's cartoon character's love interest is named Faline? Bambi's4. What color eggs do Peacocks lay? They don't lay eggsTrivia questions for Sun...

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