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Trivia question answers for Saturday November 14, 20201. Above 5,000 feet, coffee beans tend to develop a high level of what? Acidity2. What is the largest country wholly within Europe? France3. What type of food is Lolla Rosso? Lettuce4. What sport is likely to cause pudental nerve entrapment? C...
Trivia question answers for Friday November 13, 20201. What large reptile gets it name from the Spanish meaning "the lizard"? Alligator2. Where did Rocky Balboa keep his gym locker combination? In his hat3. How many years did it take to construct the Tower of Pisa? 1994. What is the technical ter...
Trivia question answers for Thursday November 12, 20201. St. Louis' Gateway Arch is officially named for what US president? Thomas Jefferson2. What is added to bread to make it swell? Yeast3. What comic strip was set in the Okeefenokee Swamp? Pogo4. What US state has the longest freshwater shorel...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday November 11. 20201. Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore were roommates at what university? Harvard2. What is the common name for the fruit known as "citrus grandis"? Grapefruit3. What writer was also known as the Bard? William Shakespeare4. What is the technical term...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday November 10, 20201. What is the name of the Earth's first artificial satellite? Sputnik2. What is a bellwether? Leader of a fock of sheep3. What country's highest award is "The Order of the Elephant"? Denmark's4. Sapporo beer was first brewed in which country? ...
Trivia question answers for Monday November 9, 20201. What used to be called the apple of love or love apple? The tomato2. A Phon is a unit of what? Loudness3. What fraction of pure is 18-carat gold? Three-fourths4. What is Indiana Jones real first name? HenryTrivia questions for Tuesday November...
Trivia question answers for Sunday November 8, 20201. Which famous pop star considers the number 13 to be her lucky number? Taylor Swift2. What is the largest member of the deer family living in the US? The Moose3. What is the most common atom in the universe? Hydrogen4. How many US states border...
Trivia question answers for Saturday November 7, 20201. What are the two prinary ingrdients that go into a Hollandaise sauce? Butter and egg yolks2. A male swan is called a what? Cob3. Which Kellogg's cereal was advertised by Tusk Tusk the Elephant? Choco Krispi's4. What sense is most closely lin...
Trivia question answers for Friday November 6, 20201. Vodka and orange juice make up what cocktail? Screwdriver2. What do Mc and Mac mean when used in surnames? Son of3. Who was the second man to set foot on the moon? Buzz Aldrin4. What was the first man-made insecticide? DDTTrivia questions for ...
Trivia question answers for Thursday November 5, 20201. What shape is the milky way? Spiral2. What is the world's fastest dog? The greyhound3. What is the ball, or flat plate, that sits on top of a flag pole called? Truck4. What do the letters X.O. stand for on a bottle of cognac? Extra oldTrivia...

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