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Trivia question answers for Wednesday June 24, 20201. A "peck" is how any imperial quarts? 82. How many toes does a pig have on each foot? 43. What double-word song title was a hit by Billy Joel? Mony Mony4. Who said "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful"? Mae WestTrivia questions for Thursd...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday June 23, 20201. What is the only chemical element whose name is only three letters long? Tin2. Who, per her dying wish, is buried next to Wild Bill Hickok? Calamity Jane3. What does ZIP as in ZIP code stand for? Zone improvement zone4. If a dog is a canine, wha...
Trivia question answers for Monday June 22, 20201. What term is used for the speed at which a piece of music is played? Tempo2. What Hebrew word means "so be it"? Amen3. How many fluid ounces in a gill? 54. Who became an animated Disney megastar after replacing Oswald the Lucky Rabbit? Mickey Mou...
Trivia question answers for Sunday June 21, 20201. Who did Abraham Lincoln replace as president? James Buchanan2. What animal lives in a holt or couch? The otter3. What two states begin with the letter" V"? Vermont and Virginia4. What are the young of a rabbit called? KittensTrivia questions for ...
Trivia question answers for Saturday June 20. 20201. What country originated opera? Iraly2. Mach refers to the speed of what? Sound3. What was Smokey Robinson's backing band? The Miracles4. What degree goes Bill Nye: The Science Guy hold? Mechanical engineeringTrivia questions for Sunday June 21,...
Trivia question answers for Friday June 19, 20201. Who provided the original voice of Mr. Magoo? Jim Backus2. If you suffer from diplopia, what do you have?  Double Vision3. Ham is from what part of the pig? The hind leg4."I shall please" is the Latin translation of what medical treatment? Placeb...
Trivia question answers for Thursday June 18, 20201. What was John Wayne's nicname? The Duke2. What scientific principle allows a compass to work? Magnetism3. How many frames fit into one foot of movie film? 164. What is floating wreckage of a ship called? FlotsamTrivia questions for Friday June ...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday June 17, 20201. Is it true that there is more vitamin C in a sweet red pepper than in a Valencia orange? Yes2. What type of animal was selected to test the first electric toothbrush? A dog3. Which continent is the natural habitat of the Ostrich? Africa4. From...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday June 16, 20201. What is the most common element in the Sun after hydrogen? Helium2. Which actress played Forrest Gump's mom? Sally Fields3. Acceleration is the rate of change of what? Velocity4. What is a "Nutty Buddy"? An ice CreamTrivia questions for Wednesda...
Trivia question answers for Monday June 15, 2020\1.  What type of artwork depicts human characteristics that are modified or exaggerated in a humorous way? Caricature2. What is a female chicken between the ages of eight weeks and one year old called? Pullet3. What singer was known as "The Walrus ...

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