Today everyone is looking for the best deal. Is the best deal a foreclosure that has been trashed before the owners moved or a realistically priced home that has been well cared for by the owners?Often by the time the foreclosure gets to the bank, the bank's price isn't that different from a well...
Staging is a wonderful thing for home Sellers. Stagers know colors, they know furniture placement, they know what sell homes! If anyone isn't familiar with staging, it is someone who comes into a home and helps you set it up, decorate and clear out things in order to sell the home faster.There ar...
It is so hard to tell someone who loves their home that there needs to be some changes to get the most money-or even a timely sell-out of their home. (EEEUUU)I am definitely developing more and more tactful words to try to help clients. We all get our first homes and decorate and paint and fluff-...
I came to California 15 years ago kicking and screaming. Texas was my home in more ways than you count. I was raised in West Texas in a tiny town of 1,000 people-Rising Star. Now that is a name for a town! Not a city-definitely doesn't have the right sound for a city! Even then I was interested i...

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Specializing in Temecula Valley California, including Temecula, Murrieta, DeLuz, La Cresta, and Wine Country