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Home Buyer Checklist   Whether you buy a new home or older home knowing what to look for before closing on a property brings more peace of mind and also equips you on what to look out for . I know a lot of new home buyers think that if they buy a new home they will not experience any problems for...
That is the question of the year? I believe word of mouth goes a long way. I would like to hear from other agents about this subject. I always tell those fairly new in the business do themselves an injustice if they do not tell their former clients to tell other people about them. You can do a lo...
 This was reported in the Yahoo news. Last Sunday, my own pastor spoke about the crisis or predictament  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are currently in. I thought to myself what will I say if a client or prospect client ask me about these two entities. So I did a little follow up on Freddie Mac & Fa...
Dear Real Estate Family: I was just saying to myself that the Americans need to hear a speech or statement by the President and an Economist about the economy/Recession. Lo and behold, it came on television yesterday, with the President saying that we are not facing a recession and that the econo...
I try to tell my clients that home sales is not bad everywhere. And financing options are still out there for those with blemished credit. It is just better to try to work on credit and have money in reserves. Interest rate still looks good, and it is only a matter of time before we see a rise in...
Greetings Everyone! I must confess that I am not as bad as some of my friends are. Because currently I have no kids and am single. However, I do having aging parents and one of them has Alzheimers which has progressed in the last five years. It also has become difficult to monitor her eating habi...
Greetings! I am glad to be apart of this real estate network. I hope to be a valuable asset to those who read my blogs. I also have another blog-site which is it is currently going through some fine tuning but will an inspirational, explosive, and interactive sit...

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