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Hi, I just recently created a Facebook page it is designed to inform people of the services that we offer at Red Brick Lending and also news that is related to mortgage industry. I will also post information about events that are going on in the local community. I have put the link to my page bel...
There will be a Benefit Dinner for the Breaking Bread Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry it wil be November 12 from 6pm-9pm the event is located at The Banquet and Conference Center 701 Hogan Road Bangor, Me the tickets to attend are $30 per person.
Warren Buffett's mentor Benjamin Graham viewed the stock market as a store and he would say if prices were down just think of it as though its a store that is having a sale and don't be afraid to buy when the market is having a sale. You can view the real estate market also as being a store and ...
Yes it is true that you can possibly save thousands of dollars with mortgage rates are at record lows with refinancing your current loan to a lower interest. With everyone always looking for some way to save money what better way than trying to reduce the interest that you are paying on your home...
I know if you are starting to thing about buying a home you can start to do some research and you start hear terms such as Escrow Account, Private Mortgage Insurance, FHA Loan, Adustable Rate Mortgage, Mortgage Broker, APR, and the list could go on forever. Once you start seeing all these terms y...
The FHA 203k is a great loan product for someone that is looking to buy a home that may need some repairs made to the home to have the home in a condition that someone can move in. It is also a great product for building contractors to know about because they will not have to worry about receivin...

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