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Why would I drive 45 minutes at 6:30 in the morning to stand for hours in the hot sun at the beach???It was June 21st, the First Day of Summer.It was National Seashell Day.So???The Lee County Vistitor and Convention Bureau,   does such a tremendous job of promoting our county and drawing visitors...
Let's take a look at the recent trends in Real Estate and put some pieces of the puzzle together to see what the impact is for Sellers and Buyers.I will use some data from my local market of Lee County, Florida.First Trend:Homes are selling faster than last year.When we look at the March 2107 com...
Do you remember the days when you wanted to watch a video, you went to BlockBuster and looked through their shelves for just the right video?It could take some time because you had to look at several. You could even take more than one. When you found the "right" ones, you went to the counter and ...
If you could only choose one generation to work with, which one would you choose and WHY?
The New Tax Law that was recently passed may have an unintended consequence of slowing the Divorce rate!!The information I am providing is intended to provide some food for thought that would spur people to contact their Attorney and Tax Consultant before filing for divorce.     Divorce is often ...
In Part 1 of this series on Busting the Myths of Green Homes we addressed the myth:  Building Green Costs More. That post gives good information about why it may not cost more to build energy efficient homes.In Part 2 we discussed the myth: Green is all about Product Choice. In that post we discu...
The consumer is often confused about all the aspects of a mortgage. Gene Mundt has provided a very clear description of what is Escrow and how it is handled.I think this information would be valuable to share with all buyers and especially those who are First Time Home Buyers.   Mortgage Escrow A...
There is a great need for educating the consumer about the costs, uses of and benefits of Green technology that is sometimes labeled as a Green Home.In my series: MYTH BUSTING-GREEN HOMES-PART 1, I shared the most common myth: Green Homes are Too Expensive.In this post, I will look at the 2nd Myt...
I recently asked the question of Realtors®: In your area is there interest in Energy Efficient Homes, also know as Green Homes?There were several responses to the question that were very similar and were in fact in line with the most common myth regarding Green Homes.Myth number 1 is: Building Gr...
When I read Debbie Reynold's post, I was struck by how important these 7 Top Things You Need to Do After Closing are, but often are forgotten in the process of moving.I would suggest every Buyer have this list in a folder that they have readily accessible during the closing and moving process. It...

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