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I love the idea of “Wordless Wednesday” that Sharon Tara does over on her blog, so I decided to do a Thankful Thursday.  Today I am thankful for Kim Howard, my loan processor.  Here’s why I’m thankful for Kim: She is always in a happy mood and only speaks of others in a positive way.  All of her ...
I decided a hibachi restaurant is the best place for eating out with toddlers.  I thought my friend was crazy when she suggested it, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  They were entertained the entire time! Have you tried hibachi with your toddlers? Do you have any other fun suggestions?
You’ve decided to buy a home, you’ve selected the best realtor in town, and now the realtor has given you the task of becoming pre-approved.  The next step is to contact a lender who can guide you through the pre-approval process. Once you find a mortgage lender, you will complete a mortgage loan...
I just closed on a 203k loan last week, so the process is fresh in my mind.  If you are unfamiliar with an FHA 203k renovation loan, check out this post.  I thought it would be helpful for borrowers considering a 203k to read about the process of this loan product.  Here’s a timeline of a full 20...
Many of my pre-approved buyers in Richmond, VA have a problem: the real estate inventory is so low they cannot find a house to buy.  If this is you and you have gone through the pre-approval process but are then unable to find a house in a timely manner, it’s important to know that your pre-appro...
I posted yesterday on my favorite closing gift to buy for my clients and I thought I should let you in on my go-to place for thank you cards. I try to write 5-10 thank you cards per day, whether it’s to a realtor for a recent lunch meeting or to a client who has just closed. I used to spend a lot...
My go-to closing gift for clients is a custom return address stamp.  I buy them on Etsy and they retail between $23.95 and $28.95, not including shipping.  When I bought my first house, this was the very first purchase I made--it sure makes Christmas cards a lot easier!   I have tried a few Etsy ...
Has the Underwriter Asked You To Source a Deposit? One of my most recent clients who bought a home in Richmond VA was self-employed.  Because of the nature of her business, she made several large deposits into her bank accounts throughout the month.  The deposits were payments from clients.  Sinc...
Our mascot, Rocky, is here to greet clients today! Rocky's visits to the office are always so entertaining! He loves to eat icecubes and he always gets one during his visits. The icecube got stuck in his little beard today and I had to peel it off. Oops, poor guy! Does anyone else get to take th...
When your home purchase or refinance closes within the first days of the month (within 4-10 days, depending on the investor), you have the option to do an interest credit.  That means your lender would credit you at closing with the days of interest for that month, and you would pay that interest...

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