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0 ARE YOU WORKING ON LARGE COMMERCIAL PROJECTS NEEDING FUNDING? (edit/delete) Ranger Investments represents a diverse group of hedge funds, banks and private investors looking for solid places to invest their money.  If you are looking for a commercial loan over $10MM for any purpose and have an...
Today I received an e-mail which I was about to delete. Then I started reading it and it sounded interesting. Basically it is all about a new site that is in pre-launch state that will become a virtual world - chat, shop, play, videos, etc. Anyways they are giving free shares (that should become...
Property Research Specialists is owned and operated by Tony Brown and Karma Simons. We offer a free discreet professional consultation to homeowners who may be eligible for Loan Modification.  We are not  marketing specialists, but rather Mortgage Professionals; the members of our firm have over ...
New website in pre-launch -  gives away free shares for signing-up!!!! No payment for membership, many network benefits!!!!!! www.me2everyone.com/220952  Something incredible has arrived!I just became a shareholder in me2everyone and I never had to pay a single penny for the shares! It can only b...
We have a house in Sun Lakes, AZ that has been vacant since I moved my soon to be 92 year old mother in with us. Needless to say in this market it has not sold and I am looking for a GREAT property manager who will not gouge us in fees but will do a good job. The property is a three bedroom three...

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