Are you a TEXT Savvy Agent? Texting has been around since the birth of the digital mobile phone and is the standard the world over for sending and receiving quick messages with friends and family.   According to mobile text marketing survey, over 740 billion text messages were sent over carri...
Fly like an Eagle Fall is the time when eaglets learn to fly! In order for an eaglet to learn how to fly, the mother eagle simply tosses the little eaglet out of the nest. Because they are scared, they jump back into the nest again. Next, she tosses them out and removes the soft layers of the nes...
Take our short quiz to find out if you qualify… 1) I’m never around people long enough, I only have short rendevouz with them, then hopefully I might never see them again… 2) Yes, I am a very notorious agent, people are worried about me and always ask if I’m still in the business… 3) No one know...
1 ) Don’t treat email addresses like email addresses, treat them like relationships. An email address is a personal invitation to send your messages to a place where he or she sends and receives personal and business communication.  2 ) Remember the 3 P’s.  - Proposition. What value do customers...

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At The Prescott Group, our focus is simple "We Make YOU Look Good!" We provide a customized quarterly marketing system with an emphasis on helping you create brand awareness. Our marketing system will generate leads, streamline your systems increase your productivity, expand your brand through an online presence and achieve great results!