What makes you happy? What makes you successful? According to the two books featured in our sidebar widgets, the answer to these two questions are related.  If you are doing something that you are good at, you are likely to enjoy yourself and be successful.  If you don't spend your time doing wha...
Part 4 of our exploration of all things Twitter If you looked at our ActiveRain blog earlier today you probably wondered why we had 5 Twitter feeds, all the same feed but in different designs, along the side of our page. No, we weren’t loosing it at all…simply trying to find the best option to ad...
Everyone, especially those in the real estate industry, has to fax paperwork now and then. For a small business owner this can be an added expense. Fax machines aren’t cheap, a dedicated fax line is an additional cost that you may not want to incur, and using your main phone line for a fax can ca...
Part 3 of our exploration of all things Twitter Tweet Later is a handy tool for inputting automated tweets and can be useful for your real estate business. While this won’t replace the personal touch that instant tweets bring, it is a definite plus for the marketing efforts you use Twitter for. L...
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There are 2 kinds of green these days. The green that grows on trees, and the green that grows (hopefully!) in your bank account. Both of these greens are important to your real estate business and to the nation. How can you increase both of these greens at the same time? By hiring a virtual assi...
Part 2 of our exploration of all things Twitter Twellow is a popular Twitter directory. It includes a profile separate from your Twitter profile, a listing in up to 10 different categories, and a listing by community. You can search for people in your area, groups you are a member of or would jus...
If you can read that headline, then I bet you have! (Translation: Have you started twittering yet?) Some of us at the Prescott Group have been twittering personally, but we have decided to offer this service to clients as well. In doing so, we are setting up our own Twitter account and network. (...

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At The Prescott Group, our focus is simple "We Make YOU Look Good!" We provide a customized quarterly marketing system with an emphasis on helping you create brand awareness. Our marketing system will generate leads, streamline your systems increase your productivity, expand your brand through an online presence and achieve great results!