What does it take to be a great agent?

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My choice has always been to fulfill the dreamsn of my client's first and then all would be good with any commission I receive. My clients call me because they now consider me their friend and they know I respect they needs and wishes. If I don't agree, I tell them so but I respect their wishes and fullfil their request as best I can.
Before considering refinancing your home, consider the true cost of pulling the equity out of your home.  I have often counseled my clients by telling them to never refinance your home but instead look at alternate options for obtaining funds. For example you have owned your $200,000 home for fou...
  ATTENTION RENTERS! Are you tired of making someone else's real estate payments?   If you buy a home. . . If you rent . . . 1.      You have a great tax write-off. 2.      You are not at the mercy of your landlord. 3.      Your housing expense may never go up. 4.      You can use, decorate and e...
So what have I been doing?  I just finished my first book.  "Broken Life - A Fight For Forever" It is in print now and should hit the streets in about six weeks.  (Shameless plug!!)  I am so proud of out industry. You know for a while I thought that only the crooks would be left to ruin the lives...
After finally getting an approved short sale, now we have found out that the area the house is located has been labeled a "declining market" and the buyers now need not 5% down but 10%.  They have the 5% and have no other seasoned sources.  Any ideas where to get the additional 5%?Need answers fa...
Available to the top bidder. 19 pre-forclosures, most are brand new homes, never lived in, some by the water, some near the mountains and a few in between.  Email me today and I will send you a list of pre-foreclosures in any area you desire within Maryland and Virginia.  Want to conduct your own...
I was given this cool on-line test, that tells you your personality type.  I am a ENFJ, Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging.  I am what they call a Teacher, this describes me to a "t".  Take the test, takes about 10 minutes and read the results.  IT IS SOO COOL!The site is http://www.humanme...
I have been asked a lot, WHY DON'T YOU FORM A TEAM. LIFE WOULD BE A BREEZE.  A breeze yes but at whose expense ?I know lot of agents with teams.  And I have always wondered how is each team member compensated fairly?  Well this morning I was awaken by a phone call from an agent on a very prominen...
When I post directionals, its an opportunity to sell me to the owner of that corner.  I usually knock on the door to ask can I use their corner for the directional.  I also ask the owner can I send them my newsletter as a thank you for allowing me to borrowing their space in front of their proper...
I have a client's home in short sale, the property has been put in land trust for the purposes of the sale since the client has tremendous debt, and now my client's cousin who owns a corporation wants to buy the home at the short sale price throug the corporation.  The cousin has never bought a p...
UPDATE>>>We went pass today (during daylight, call us chicken later) and the house was freezing.  I checked the thermostat and I thought it was nuts,  It said 68 degrees.  My two agent friends laughed and said that maybe the house was going through menopause and we all laughed for minutes.  I sti...

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What does it take to be a great agent? If you have a choice between earning a high commission or helping a family fulfill their dreams, which would you choose -- line your wallet or make your heart happy?