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The Real Estate Professionals is committed to offering you quality service working with the best Real Estate Agents & Loan Officers to help you purchase, sell or invest in a property.



One BIG thing of being a property owner in Utah, is paying property taxes. There are definitely some things to keep in mind when first purchasing your home when it comes to property taxes: Assessed value of the home. This is the value the property taxes are based on. Ask to see the most recent ta...
Not only is Park City a great ski resort community and film studios, but it’s host to some fun and active summer time events! Kimball Arts FestivalAugust 1-3rd The Kimball Art Center host the 45th annual Park City Kimball Arts Festival with over 200 selected artists, 30 live bands, three wine and...
Feeling stressed? According to a recent article by the National Public Radio, “A national poll done by NPR with our partners at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health finds that more than 1 in every 4 Americans say they had a great deal of stress in the previou...
Here is a little trivia and fun facts for your 4th of July in the Salt Lake Area!! by JustinPoore.
What does it mean to “lock your rate”?  When the interest rates are locked, the term of the loan freezes while it is being processed. This can save borrowers thousands of dollars during the duration of their mortgage. If you are refinancing your mortgage loan, locking in your rate can be extreme...

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