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It still is the American Dream – owning your own home. However, do you know what it takes to own a home? It may become a nightmare, if these aren’t taken into consideration when planning your first home purchase in the Salt Lake area … Rushing to buy NOW Hurry – Hurry – Hurry – Rushing to get int...
You’re driving around the Salt Lake area and find a house you’d like more information; information is only a smart phone away. Use our FREE iPhone or Android app for homesearch and MORE! HURRY!! Download now and enter to win $50,000 – OFFER ENDS MARCH 31st!!!Drawing is April 9th. Click HERE for d...
I have been a real estate agent for quite some time; have been on many home inspections helped with many repairs and have done many repairs. However, I was at a loss when I couldn’t find out why my outdoor and garage door plug-ins wouldn’t work. I checked my breaker box and looked at the GFCI out...
Spring is officially HERE this week! Have you planned Spring Cleaning? Whether you’re sprucing up your home to list in the Salt Lake City area or dusting out the winter, there are some big/odd things you may want to get rid of. However, doing so isn’t easy. Salt Lake City GREEN – Neighborhood Cle...
The home buying process can be totally different between different generations throughout the Salt Lake City area. Each buyer is unique with unique needs and wants. Each generation has differences, too. Below details how each generation differs, but yet is still the same. Lawrence Yun, NAR chief ...
Wouldn’t it be nice to telecommute? Working from home in the Salt Lake City area is becoming more of a reality for many workers / small business owners. But now that TAXES are on everyone’s mind right now, just what can be used as a deduction when it comes to your home office? Starting this year,...
The Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act (H.R. 3370) with amendments has passed …. The House! The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will be reined in and held accountable for the Biggert-Waters implementation issues. This bill will repeal FEMA’s authority to increase premium rates...
Have you wondered why great homes just stay on the market and don’t seem to sell? Here are a just a few reasons why some homes in the Salt Lake City area haven’t sold yet …. 1.  The home is drawing fewer lookers. When the home is new on the market that is when it draws the most interest. If an ag...

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