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The Real Estate Professionals is committed to offering you quality service working with the best Real Estate Agents & Loan Officers to help you purchase, sell or invest in a property.



January 31, 2013 – Utah Real Estate Professionals According to the Salt Lake Board of REALTORS® the Real Estate Market in the Salt Lake City area: Began the slow housing recovery late 2011 and has been picking up speed since and 2013 looks to be the best year since 2007. "We’ve got about the best...
January 29th, 2012 – Utah Real Estate Professionals Sometimes you just know when to do something – eat, sleep, find employment, go to school or to grow your family, but do you know if you’re ready to buy a home? Here are some things that show you you’re ready to buy – You have been watching the h...
January 24, 2012 - Utah Real Estate Professionals Ah, the American Dream ... to work from home. So many businesses and offices are automated today, there are many more options to work at home virtually – or virtually work from home! Imagine sitting in front of your computer coffee in one hand, bu...
January 17, 2013 - Utah Real Estate ProfessionalsWith recent snow and the fluctuation of temperatures in the Salt Lake area, our roofs really take a hit sometimes. And sometimes it's darn scary when you start watching the ceiling leak and you know you have an ice dam on your roof.This video reall...
January 15, 2013 - Utah Real Estate ProfessionalsIf you’re thinking of listing your home in the Salt Lake County area, you may be interested in recent study done by Google and the National Association of Realtors® about how buyers are finding homes to buy.How important is the Internet when listin...
January 11, 2012 - Utah Real Estate Professionals There’s a new Sheriff in town, well actually it’s new rules for mortgages and lenders and they will affect how you are able to get a home loan. All lending institutions from huge national banks to community banks to credit unions will now have to ...
Januayr 9th, 2013 - Utah Real Estate Professionals You’ve seen those three guys on TV advertising Free Credit That one is not free, nor is it the “REAL” site to get all three of your credit reports for free once a year. The site for the free once per year credit report is https://www....

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