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Helping real estate professionals streamline and improve their business through the effective use of technologyCheck out the Real Estate Technology blog.
With all of the different blog-related services out there, the noise of options can become overwhelming. A good, and simple, next step (after tagging your posts) should be pinging good blog tracking services. I suggest using a pinging service such as Pingoat. This will provide even greater exposu...
A recent comment on Technorati blog claiming got me thinking... There's a whole bunch of tagging services. So what's the diff? Following is a brief overview of different tagging services that you may have heard about. They all have value, but they serve different purposes. Tagging Service Classif...
One of the goals of blogging, at least it should be for you, is to develop a community with your readers. Whether you're a real estate agent, mortgage broker, or a plain ol' ranter, a blog is a powerful place that gives you the opportunity to develop a rapport with present and future clientele. I...
Are you looking for some cool techno decor to stage that modern or contemporary home? Or maybe you're just looking for a different "look." If so, Crib Candy has some great ideas to get you started.Crib Candy calls themself a "thumbnail bookmark blog." They have thumbnails and links to some of the...
Anyone that knows me knows that I am Mr Gadget. This makes it easy to recommend gadgets to REALTORS since I've tried out a bunch of them whether it's through a friend, hanging out in the store, or a personal purchase. Well, I just came across another gadget that would be a perfect gift for Ms. Ga...
Inspired by Kristal's comment, I thought I'd discuss the dangers of duplicate content in blogs. However, I realized there probably aren't very many dangers... just one. The danger is the potential for lowered search engine rankings. So instead, below are three ways to stay away from duplicate con...
I recently posted about blog tagging . I mentioned how Technorati is a key way to maximize your tag exposure. But to make this work, you must embed special javascript code so that Technorati can confirm that you own your blog. If you've tried to claim your ActiveRain blog and it's still in "proce...
Update: Be sure to check out the follow up post on claiming your blogs on Technorati. In my previous post I mentioned that tagging needs to be relevant. That’s one part of tagging effectiveness. But brevity is important too. Think of it like keywords or key phrases. Following are a few tips on ge...
Reading through the initial posts here on ActiveRain, I learned that:Blogging is newTagging is newOkay, okay. It's not that the technologies are really new, but I think it's probably new to many of the bloggers here. And just to be certain that I don't get any rotten tomatoes thrown at me for my ...

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Helping real estate professionals streamline and improve their business through the effective use of technology

Check out the Real Estate Technology blog.