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It's a New Year and We are Expanding our Tools! It's no secret that if you are a successful real estate agent today, you are working harder than ever before.  You need better tools, a greater sphere of influence, and real market place experience. Sellers are also evaluating our performances based...
Dare I say it? Yahoo! I just closed on a home today that had absolutely zero drama.  Yes! No stress, no fuss, no hoop-la over repairs, no appraisal problems and no mortgage delays ! I was so overwhelmed that I bought a nice bouquet of flowers to welcome the new buyer into their beautiful new home...
It's almost time to head to Mexico and plant your feet in the sand, yes? After a few months of cold weather, people want to migrate south. As soon as they do, BAM! Yes, the contract comes in. You know it is going to happen even though that particular property hasn't had a showing in weeks. Then w...
I can't believe we are headed into the Fall of 2009 already. Do you ever get the feeling that time is faster than it use to be? Even in the ups and downs of this year I have noticed that some things don't seem to change.  Have you noticed the same? A true real estate professional can predict the ...
In these days and times, we certainly can find so much to be worried or depressed about.  The economy, rising health care costs, high unemployment rates, loss of homes for so many and so on.  Of course for many of us, our bad days are on a much more personal scale.  You know a bad boss, a teenage...
WOW! Uncle Sam's first time home buyers tax credit is really contributing to our success in the real estate market today.  My hope is that the program will continue but as of right now, your new home purchase must be completed by December 1, 2009.  For your property owner virgins, it is a good ti...
Recently life handed me a lemon! One that I totally never saw coming and in retrospect probably couldn't have avoided.  It sure taught me alot about myself and about all the wonderful friends, co-workers and yes, clients that were right there to remind me that I could make lemonaide.  I heard the...
That's right! That's my new motto, "Market until you drop" because someone, somewhere wants to buy your home. We just have to find that person.  I have been searching for new and better ways to advertise my listings. Almost my entire advertising budget is now being spent in on-line advertising.  ...
I had a real estate transaction recently with a great agent. Half way through the transaction her Father's health starting failing. She was out of touch with the transaction for almost 2 weeks which in our transaction was over half the time from contract to closing. She did the best she could and...
Yes, I did it! I opened the doors of my own real estate company. I have a fantastic team and all the stars are just lining up right! I'm just thrilled to have so many great friends, former clients and business associates all standing behind me and this new venture.  It's fun and lots of hard work...

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