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 So just what is a cap rate? a few years ago I posted an article on my website Cap Rate .Since then I still get a great deal of traffic on that subject, seems to be quite a popular search for the internet.a cap rate is the method used to convert an estimate of annual income expectancy into an in...
Say you live next door to Mrs. Kravitz and she likes to call the city on you all the time. Say you own a rental house and the tenant doesn't use a grass trimmer around the mail box, leaving some tall grass there.BAM! $200.00! Do not pass go! That's what is happening in Kansas City Missouri right ...
What's a Grandma to do? I try to keep up with the latest trends, but I have to admit this Granddad ain't hip no more. My seven year old granddaughter just discovered texting. For those of you under 30 no explanation is required, but for the rest of you texting is sending alpha numeric messages fr...
We have all read about the licensing or registration of landlords and investors in many cities across the country. Kansas City, MO recently added a registration process. The form is about 8 pages long and just added yet another layer of bureaucracy to our already overtaxed real estate market here...
Recently my daughter sent me an email with this link in it. Here she tells a story about her little girl, Holly. "Holly" for her other Grandad who was Niki Sullivan the guitar player with Buddy Holly and the Crickets.I have my own sto...

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