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Consolidating your student loans is one of the smartest and easiest things you can do to reduce your student debt burden, provided you research your options carefully. Why consolidate your student loans? A student consolidation loan allows you to combine your federal student loans into a single ...
Disasters or natural calamities are both unforeseen and unpredictable. If you live in Illinois, you're most likely to be affected by tornados, floods and earthquakes. And if this means your property is damaged or destroyed, you will have many concerns: concerns about where to stay temporarily, e...
What to know before you sign on the dotted line You're ready to take that big step. You have enough in your savings for a down payment and you've decided it's finally time to own your home. Buying a home is a complicated and even frustrating experience for everyone, but for first time buyers ther...
5 Facts about Credit ScoringAre you thinking of buying a house or a new car? If you're like most people, you'll probably have to secure a bank loan. When it comes to money lending, many financial institutions strive to live by maxim of `only good credit need apply.' Yes, there are lending institu...
Advice about loans for RVs and other recreational vehicles Have you decided to hit the road in your own recreational vehicle (otherwise known as a RV)? The RV lifestyle is one that appeals to many whether just for a yearly vacation or to live in full time. What about the costs of RVing? With the ...
The ABC's of Amortization Amortization is a term that you don't hear all that often but it is something we have all done at one point of a lives or another. In fact many people are doing it right now. Amortization is when you periodically pay off a loan. This could be anything from a car, goods o...
With so much going on in our lives, it can be hard to keep an eye on what's coming up in the days and weeks ahead. The following information highlights some important dates that you may want to mark on your calendar so they don't sneak up on you.MARCH 2010March 14: Daylight Saving Time begins......
USDA running out of Funds?    USDA Loans – Rural Housing Loans     The Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program (USDA Loans) will likely be exhausted by the end of April, 2010. This is a message that was delivered from the National Office in Washington D.C. as of today.   It was then stated ...
Thanks JasonFacebook recently had its sixth birthday.  During the same week, they announced that they had crossed the 400 million member mark (how's that for a bit of alliteration?).  Facebook has morphed from a college photo sharing site in 2004 to a mega-networking platform with multimedia capa...
Thanks!ALERT! Two important deadlines are on the horizon: the Fed will stop buying Mortgage Backed Securities at the end of March (which means home loan rates may soon be on the rise), and the Homebuyer's Tax Credit is due to expire on April 30. If you or any of your friends, family members, neig...

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What is Homes for Heroes? Homes for Heroes is a community minded company whose purpose is to provide real rebates and real discounts for heroes who are buying or selling a home. The program started shortly following the tragic events of 09/11/2001, by a group of Realtors in Minnesota. They were looking for a way to honor those who serve our nation and its communities. The founders were all in the business of real estate so used that experience as their discount platform. They quickly discovered that providing these discounts was not only good for their hearts but also great for their business. The word began to spread and Homes for Heroes soon became the Nation’s Largest Hero Savings Program. Today, Homes for Heroes has more than 600 affiliates in 43 states. Who qualifies as a Hero? Our workforce heroes include but are not limited to military personnel (both active duty and retired), teachers, firefighters, law enforcement, doctors and nurses. How does this work in Oregon? Oregon is currently a non-rebate state so Homes for Heroes affiliates agree to give up to 25% of their gross commission to the charity of the hero’s choice. (or a gift certificate directly to the Hero) Our heroes are always proud to be able to deliver a check to their favorite charity, however. Heroes save an average of $2595 per loan when they close it with Travis Newton of ENG Lending. How can a Hero get registered for the program? You can also call Travis Newton, the Oregon Homes for Hero affiliate directly at 503.931.4490. It is just that simple, no red tape, no additional paperwork. Just a real Thank You for real Heroes. Just need proof they have an affiliation to one of the Hero professions listed.