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Fantastic blog post!    In a perfect world, every seller and or realtor would love to have a very good buyer that is pre-qualified properly when placing an offer on their property.  But what about the property itself?  Let's dig into this a little deeper. When I pre-qualify a borrower, I ask at l...
Not sure if any of you have seen the video of Team Hoyt or not. Even if you have to watch it again....and share it with others. Everytime I watch it it brings tears to my eyes. Check it out and let me know what you think?   Thanks!
Teachers need more credit for their impact on our kids and community! This is a very special week where we get to honor the people who work with our kids and grandkids.  Take a moment and think back on your favorite teacher who encouraged you to seek opportunities and to expect your dreams to com...
The Fed Ends Its MBS Purchases: ______________________________________________________________________ Here's What It Means to You You've probably heard that the Federal Reserve ended its Mortgage Backed Security buying program. The fact is, the Fed did what they set out to do – purchasing $1.25 ...
This’ll be a short Blog entry, but well worth the read! Supplement bill HR 5017 (The USDA Bill) Rural Housing Preservation and Stabilization Act of 2010 has passed the House! The majority of the House (85%), voted in favor of HR 5017. Once the bill passes the Senate and is signed into law by the ...
99 Balloons! Dear Elliot.......... ________________________________________________________________________   Sometimes we all need to take a break from our everyday live.....And remember why we are here.   This is a woonderful story about the love 2 parents have for their child. What an amazing ...
Boosted by a soon-to-expire $8,000 and $6,500 Tax Credit, low mortgage rates and favorable weather, sales of new homes surged 27% in March to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 411,000 after hitting a record low in February, the Commerce Department estimated Friday. It was the largest percenta...
Early last month we were told by a few USDA officials that the funds may not last through the end of April. With the new bill being introduced to Congress ( we may not have any funding lapses anyway.  With that said, h...
Thanks Wayne.   Bing is becoming a search Monster!It was reported today by Efficient Frontier that the Search  Engine Bing increased it's market share by 45 percent over the last year.  Bing increased both its click and spend categorizes for the first time since Microsoft launched Bing almost two...
This time of year we all have one thing on our mind....T A X E S!!!! Here is a fantastic article written by Kelly Phillips Erb about the best Tax States to live in . 5 most tax-friendly states to live in Kelly Phillips Erb Apr 13th 2010 at 11:00AM MoreText SizeAAAFiled under: Tax During tax seaso...

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What is Homes for Heroes? Homes for Heroes is a community minded company whose purpose is to provide real rebates and real discounts for heroes who are buying or selling a home. The program started shortly following the tragic events of 09/11/2001, by a group of Realtors in Minnesota. They were looking for a way to honor those who serve our nation and its communities. The founders were all in the business of real estate so used that experience as their discount platform. They quickly discovered that providing these discounts was not only good for their hearts but also great for their business. The word began to spread and Homes for Heroes soon became the Nation’s Largest Hero Savings Program. Today, Homes for Heroes has more than 600 affiliates in 43 states. Who qualifies as a Hero? Our workforce heroes include but are not limited to military personnel (both active duty and retired), teachers, firefighters, law enforcement, doctors and nurses. How does this work in Oregon? Oregon is currently a non-rebate state so Homes for Heroes affiliates agree to give up to 25% of their gross commission to the charity of the hero’s choice. (or a gift certificate directly to the Hero) Our heroes are always proud to be able to deliver a check to their favorite charity, however. Heroes save an average of $2595 per loan when they close it with Travis Newton of ENG Lending. How can a Hero get registered for the program? You can also call Travis Newton, the Oregon Homes for Hero affiliate directly at 503.931.4490. It is just that simple, no red tape, no additional paperwork. Just a real Thank You for real Heroes. Just need proof they have an affiliation to one of the Hero professions listed.