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A friend of mine (who is an FHA expert in his own right) wrote a wonderful blog on the top 10 reasons to buy a home today!  The MORTGAGE PRO Week in Review is back. This weekly review has been away the last 18 months due to the lack of volunteers, in helping to get mortgage related information ou...
I think I do an overall good job with my Blog, but for more detailed info on the FHA changes please see Jeff's Blog as well...and if you haven't done so it as a favorite. Thanks Jeff!  FHA first proposed the monthly mortgage insurance changes in the beginning of 2010. Bill H.R. 5981 wa...
Good Friday! There are some (big) changes to the FHA program beginning on September 7th, 2010.  FHA is lowering their Up Front Mortgage Insurance (Financed on top of the loan) from 2.25% down to 1%. Yes, this sounds great doesn't it? Not so much, they are raising the monthly mortgage insurance fr...
Updated Income Limits for the USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing Program  Effective June 2, 2010, the USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing (GRH) Program offers even greater flexibility for your clients in terms of income limits.  The base income limits for the USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing (GRH) Program have...
Answer:  The people who were referred to you and have not yet referred anyone. These people are twice as likely to refer you as any other person in your relationship base. Strategy:  Today make a list of three people who were referred to you that have not yet referred anyone. Then call each of th...
Great Tips! 365 Tips To Becoming A Successful Realtor®A Week in Review - Week 4 Tip #21 - Do Something Nice!  The old saying is true, "What goes around, comes around." The game of life is a case study of give and take.Tip #22 - The Lead Generation Machine - Follow these tips and build a machine t...
Good morning. Are you using Google to help you get more buyers/sellers? Maybe you should be... Below is a link to the tools offered by Google for the Real Estate Professionals.   By the way, I will be in town all weekend. If you need any assistance, I'm here to help. Questions...Pre-Approvals...C...
Tax credit is extended for those already in Contract on or before April 30th.   See article below.   WASHINGTON June 16 (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate voted on Wednesday to give homebuyers another three months to settle on their contracts and take advantage of a popular tax credit that sparked a rus...
There is no one better at explaining FHA loans than Jeff!             FHA Rumors & Myths about FHA LOANS   FHA Mortgages have gained popularity in the last 2 years because of the demise of the subprime mortgages and because of conventional loans. Conventional loans have become harder and in some ...
Good morning. I wanted to share something a bit different today. I know it sounds cliché but this is a poem I think about almost daily. In the Real Estate business we can only control so much.... Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Attitude by: Charles Swindoll~~~~ The longer I live, the more I re...

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What is Homes for Heroes? Homes for Heroes is a community minded company whose purpose is to provide real rebates and real discounts for heroes who are buying or selling a home. The program started shortly following the tragic events of 09/11/2001, by a group of Realtors in Minnesota. They were looking for a way to honor those who serve our nation and its communities. The founders were all in the business of real estate so used that experience as their discount platform. They quickly discovered that providing these discounts was not only good for their hearts but also great for their business. The word began to spread and Homes for Heroes soon became the Nation’s Largest Hero Savings Program. Today, Homes for Heroes has more than 600 affiliates in 43 states. Who qualifies as a Hero? Our workforce heroes include but are not limited to military personnel (both active duty and retired), teachers, firefighters, law enforcement, doctors and nurses. How does this work in Oregon? Oregon is currently a non-rebate state so Homes for Heroes affiliates agree to give up to 25% of their gross commission to the charity of the hero’s choice. (or a gift certificate directly to the Hero) Our heroes are always proud to be able to deliver a check to their favorite charity, however. Heroes save an average of $2595 per loan when they close it with Travis Newton of ENG Lending. How can a Hero get registered for the program? You can also call Travis Newton, the Oregon Homes for Hero affiliate directly at 503.931.4490. It is just that simple, no red tape, no additional paperwork. Just a real Thank You for real Heroes. Just need proof they have an affiliation to one of the Hero professions listed.