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This is a blog designed for any and everybody whether they want to work play or live in this magnificent area.
     If your sick of snow...and want warm weather NOW...  here it is...and they have margaritas to boot !!!  Ohhhh   Yahhhhhh  !!!     Its on the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.  The city's name is Puerto Pinasco..or to the residents of Arizona...Rocky Point.     About 3 years ago I had to check out a d...
Hi All,     I think I'm going to have to start a specific real estate blog for myself. I usually write about the Watertown area, but this time this "blogging" will be different. Its about business.    I have not done this before, but its the sort of thing that , despite the gloomy concerns of the...
Hi All,     Seems like everybody has been pointing out that my tummy seems to be getting bigger.  I have no excuse..I love to eat and drink at good places.    Some of my favorites are: for breakfast, Franks Corner Cafe right on Main Street.  I seem to get half of my listings for my real estate bu...
      I love my hometown, Watertown, Wisconsin.  Whether it is living, working, or enjoying the area,  a "can do" attitude is visible with just about everyone you meet in Watertown.  Watertown is famous for many reasons.  One for example , is that it is the home of the first kindergarden in the U...
      Never underestimate the optimistic people that live in Watertown.  whether is living, working, or enjoying this "can do" attitude is visible with just about everyone you meet in Watertown.  Watertown is famous for many reasons.  One for example , it is the home of the first kindergarten in ...
Hi All,    Here are the pics I promised of our Humongous Snow.  It can be taken two ways...either its beautiful, or its one huge pain in the...snow shovel.  Anywho,  I think they turned out cool.  I have one pic of my work car that has the Re/Max balloon sticker on it, my pic, and tel work nos., ...
   Its that time a year again.  It the time for realizing the things we should be thankful for, God,family, and friends.  My friend Tom Braatz got me in activerain about 2 days ago and the new found friends have made there way to me.  Its a nice feeling that there are genuine caring people out th...
Happily, the sales in this market have gone well.  I have noticed a lessening of this market so I am hoping that the worst is over and confidence is restoring.  The lowering of the interest rates I believe are going to stimulate the market.  This could be THE  time to invest in that home you have...

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